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April 15th Income Tax Day

posted Apr 18, 2010, 2:17 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Apr 18, 2010, 3:08 PM ]
Yes, it was Income Tax Day and yet the Sue LIne Team was all smiles:

Here we see David Colvin (above left) hard at work on another TC-64 installation and a completed Zone Master Installation (above right). Work is moving at a rapid pace and there are only three more TC-64's and three Zone Masters before they are all in.

Danny Garland (above left) and Ron Brannon (above center) are supervising the work of Ken Ellison (above right) as Ken continues his struggle with missing feeders in Underworld.

Charlie DeVilbiss (above left) and Mose Crews (above right) started the eveing building more detector units, but are shown here with Charlie repairing rails at a new gap under the supervision of Mose who is showing off a signal cable assembly.

Here we see "TEAM ZONE MASTER INSTALL", Rob Robins (above left) and JIm Willis (above right) hard at work in Jeauxville removing the old signal system (grey 40 wire cable) and getting ready to install the new signal system from R-R CirKits (a single CAT-5 cable).

Paul Harwell (above left) and John Arnold (above right) have completed the installation of the cables from the TC-64's to the layout. They still have a few data cables to complete, but they say they can "see the light at the end of the tunnel"

Once again we see Charles Kneipp hard at work underneath the railroad in a maze of wires. Charles has started his project of simplifying and color coding the wiring. Who would have thought to do that?

Yes, the taxman came and not even he can stop the Sue Line Team.

Where are we now?

Work is focused on the "new room" which is now over 15 years old. The Zone Master installation is in Jeauxville, the TC-64 installation is in Sherwood. The connecting cables are complete. and the end is near, but the clock is ticking and there is still much testing and de-bugging to be completed.