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April 18th- "The City of Roses"

posted Apr 20, 2013, 12:52 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Apr 20, 2013, 1:54 PM ]
Tonight was to be a very special night. There had been rumors going about for months, but today it all was to come true. Amtrak was to begin service between Kansas City and New Orleans using the Sue Line tracks. Let's see what happened-

There was strange sound in the downtown station in Shreveport.
The old passenger station had not been used for years, but today it was alive.
Could the rumors be true? The engineer for this special event was also special-
my beautiful and understanding wife Sue (above) was a the throttle.

Breaking out into the sunlight from the underground station was
Amtrak #48- the southbound "City of Roses".

One by one the cars came  pulling out of the dark below Shreveport.

The engineer quickly moved her train from the dark into the light
and Amtrak #48 "The City of Roses" was on her way down the Sue Line mainline.

As the train neared Brandon the signals were green and the track was clear.

Like a silver ribbon, the cars followed the engines one by one as
the train roared into and through Brandon. The engineer, my wife Sue (above),
appears to be have a great time running the Amtrak special.

Keeping on a tight schedule, Train 48 move into Robinson.

Quickly leaving Robinson behind, the train was headed to Sue City.

Soon Train 48 had moved onto the east main
and had made a station stop in Sue City.

After the new passengers were on board,
the engineer Sue Kamm (above) quickly had
the train moving and soon they were passing
through Robert's Crossing.

Soon the train was leaving Leming and entering
the tunnel south of Leming and was headed for
Crews Siding and  a station stop at Maryville.

Train 48 moves through the tower at
North Maryville and heads towards the station.

With a freight on the mainline, Train 48 moves down the siding
for a station stop in Maryville.

Rolling once again, Train 48 crosses Great Bridge.

Now up to speed, Train 48 is almost a blur
as it passes the corn fields north of Pinecrest.

Nearing the end of the initial run of Train 48, the train
is seen just north of Jeauxville.

Pulling into the holding yard just north of Alexandria,
Train 48- The City of Roses glides to a stop in
the hands of my wife Sue Kamm, The Queen of Roses
as Queen Asclepius XII.
Sue is and always be my Queen of Roses. 

The photos of Train 48 were provided by David Colvin (above)
regularly Trainmaster and tonight also conductor on Train 48.
Thank you David for the photos and
all you do for the Sue Line.

and now for the story of :

The End of Train 238-

Today, we join Train 238, a north bound freight sitting on the siding
in Robinson as a south bound train passes on the mainline.

Train 239 has left Robinson and is now in Brandon.

It appears someone is up to no good in Brandon.

Having let it's cars in Union Street Yard, the motive power is
moving through River Front Yard on the way to the Diesel Facility.


The motive power from Train 238 is nearing the Diesel Facility.


Photo A- Where is this?

Photo B- Where is this?

Photo C- Where is this?

Photo D- Where is this?

Photo E- Where is this?

Bonus Photo- Where is this?

The photos of Train 238 and for
Where is This? are from Ken Ellison.