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April 1st- Disaster Hits Sue Line....

posted Apr 4, 2010, 3:43 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Apr 6, 2010, 4:24 AM ]
Authorities are still uncertain whether it was a earthquake, underground work gone bad or a "monster" which lead to the disaster, but one thing is certain the damage was extensive.

As seen above, sections of I-20 in downtown Shreveport were torn asunder as the disaster hit. If it was an earthquake it would have measured 87 on the HO-Richter Scale, but some believe it was from the extensive underground work being done by the Sue Line crews.....

Here we see three photos from a passer-by (Richard Kamm) almost immediately after the disaster occurred. Above left we see Jim Willis in what appears to be a flight from his underground working. Above center we see that David Colvin is still hard at work despite the disaster. Above right Ron Robins remains at his work station, but was he still screwing?

Others believe that Charles "Cyclops" Kneipp a/k/a "Godzilla" may have been the cause of the disaster. Above left we see him at rest and above right we see him in his natural habitat, crawling around in the wires of the regions below Shreveport. A close look at the photos above will show why a "monster" had been reported near to the disaster site.

There have been unconfirmed reports that Ron Brannon (above in blue) was injured, but that his scalp laceration was attended to be Ken Ellison (above in red) who had been stapling up wires beneath the disaster site.

Two other shots from by-standers show the destruction in down town Shreveport (above left)and the effect on the passenger station (above right)
also in downtown Shreveport.

Elsewhere, work went on as usual as Mose Crews (above left) continued to test track in the LOW yard in Shreveport, Rodney Dixon (above center) continued to solder wires for the signal head cables, and Danny Garland (above right) continued to supervise Rodney.

Question of the week: Was there or was there not a crack involved in this scene?