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April 22nd- Work continues

posted Apr 24, 2010, 6:51 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Apr 24, 2010, 7:58 PM ]
It was business as usual for the Sue Line Crew on Thursday night. Ther is still much to do, but then end is getting clearer.

The biggest change came down stairs. Mose Crews(far below left), Paul Harwell (far below, right) and the seldom seen Richard Kamm (not shown) took out the old dispatcher panel (below) and installed the new four (4) screen dispatcher panel (above).

The work in underworld is almost complete as Ken Ellison (below, left) and Ron Brannon (below right) now have all but one (known) bug resolved. Soon we will be able to use the hidden storage without fear of what will happen.

Work has continued and now the town of Maryville, The E-Branch (Eastman and Eagleton), Lake Hamilton, Pinecrest and North Park are completed.

The team had reinforcements this week as Doran McCreary (below, left) was able to join us and immediately went to work in Dutchman Falls cutting gaps for detectors.Doran was joined by John Arnold who is now building the cables from the TC-64 based 4ASD4 signal head driver card to the signal heads via a signal head card (below, center). Charlie DeVilbiss (below, right) is nearing the end of his rebuilding of the panel LED's.

The Zone Master installation team has reached Alexandria and has put in the last three Zone Masters (Alexandria Yard, NoLaCRA yard, and The Diesel Facility in Alexandria). Rob Robbins (below left) takes a brief break while Jim Willis (below, right) continues with his seemly never ending installation work.

Danny Garland (below, left) continues with is work of building the cables to connect from the signal heads to the Signal Head Card. Once again Danny was teamed with Rodney Dixon (below, center). The rares photos these days are of David Colvin (below, left) who is apparently traying to avoid any more "crack" jokes.

As the days continue to roll by, we are getting closer and closer to completion, but there is still much to do and we have not even started the radio receiver installation for the proposed 16 wireless throttles. Who knows what adventures await us with this project.

I thought this could be done in a weekend and we have now been at it for almost four months, how wrong could I have been? Nothing worth while is easy.

I can old once again thank Dick Bronson of R-R CirKits and Keith Guiterrez of CVP products for the inventions, the guidance and their help. Both are excellent examples of what model railroading is all about.