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April 25th- Two Trains in Leming

posted Apr 28, 2013, 5:47 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Apr 30, 2013, 4:30 PM ]

In the cool of the morning Train 600, the coal "hit shot"
was being made up in Ginnings Yard and would soon be
on its way south to Alexandria, La.

The local had a cut of cars on the mainline and had
backed into the spur at James Grain
as Train 600, a "hot shot" coal loaded thru train entered the
siding to pass the local.

With the local in the clear, the coal "hot shot"
comes roaring thru with hots blaring.

Train 600, the coal  train seemed to go on forever as it roared
thru the town of Leming..

The a quickly as it had appeared Train 600, the coal drag
was leaving the local to do it's work.

Soon the local was on its way past the farms in Robert's Crossing.

How a train gets handled.

The first operator to handle Train 600, is Jim Willis (above),
the Yard Operator in Ginnings Yard.

Train 600 is then handed off the Mose Crews (above),
who is the River Front Yard Operator
and tonight also the Yard Master for the Shreveport Terminal.

Train 600, then goes to Rob Robbins (above),
who is the Union Street Yard Operator.

Finally, Rodney Dixon (above in red shirt)
gets the call to be the crew for Train 600 as it heads south.

Two Trains at Crew Change.

The first north bound Amtrak (train 49) sits at Crew Change,
just north of Alexandria awaiting clearance to head towards Shreveport.

Sitting beside the Amtrak 49 at Crew Change
is a north bound Sue Line train.

All of the photos from this session
were supplied by Ken Ellison.


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