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April 3rd- Wise Men from Afar.

posted Apr 7, 2014, 10:00 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
Once again it was that time of year when traveling wise men come to visit the Sue Line. These wise men were going to Hograils in Bentonville, Arkansas, but elected to stop and operate with us. Boy were we glad they did.

To help these wise men, we placed a small sign (above) to help them find there way.

Immediately, the wise men took control of the Sue Line. Here
we see Dave Abramson (above, left), Art Houston (above, center)
and Dick Schneider (above, right). reviewing their operation plan.

Dick Schneider (above, foreground left) and Art Houston (above, foreground center)
reviewing the crew call board while (Jim Norwood, back, middle) and
Dave Abramson (back, right) are discussing with
Ole Melhouse (rear, black shirt and tan hat)
how to use the T5000 throttles.

TomCat Kelly (above left) chats with Jim Willis (above, right).

Art Houston (above) is busy taking videos of the visit.

Dave Abramson (above, left) takes a train into Riverfront Yard
with the assistance of Jim Willis (above, right).

Jim Norwood (above) is also seen bringing a train into Riverfront Yard.

Dick Schneider (above) takes charge of the Amtrak (Train 28)
and is seen northbound entering Jeauxville.
 TomCat Kelly (above) is about to take a
northbound train from Crew Change.

Ole Melhouse (above) is working a train in North Park.

TomCat Kelly (above, left) is pulling a train through
Crawleys Ridge
under the watchful eye of Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above, right).

Jim Norwood (above) is working the town of Pinecrest.

Dick Schneider (above) is seen working cars in Ginnings Yard.

 We see that Ole Melhouse still working cars at North Park.

Not being left out, Danny Garland (above, left) is busy
in Busy Yard in the Shreveport Terminal Complex and
Charlie DeVillebiss (above, right) is busy in Sue City.

From another view, Charlis DeVillebiss appears to be having fun.

Charles Kneipp (a/k/a Cyclops) looks like he is having a good time.

Jim Willis (above) certainly appears to have enjoyed the session.

Danny Garland is seen working BUSY Yard.

Charlie DeVillbiss is busy at Sue City.

I know that Richard Kamm (above) had a great time.

Mose Crews (above) is seen in Maryville (above, file photo).

The man who kept everything moving was
Rob Robbins (above) a dispatcher for the evening
appears to be enjoying himself.