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August 12th- Play Time- We Are Back on Track

posted Aug 14, 2010, 1:34 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 14, 2010, 3:10 PM ]
After a few minor repairs, we were back on track this week. Several more "Undocumented features" were corrected. The "black holes" were again battled. Al Lautenslager reported that the Dual Zone Master which was lost in the mail system finally arrived back at CVP for inspection and repair. As soon as possible the group went directly to operating.

Charlie Devilbiss left usual his Sue City Operator spot to run a road cab.

Danny Garland stayed in his usual slot in the Shreveport and Blanchard yards.

Mose Crews also took on a road job, with better results than last week.

Jim Willis stayed at his usual job of being the Alexandria Yard Operator.

Ken Ellison remained busy on the mainline for yet another week.

Paul Harwell was at work not only on the mainline, but also as the Maryville Operator.

And, as last week, David Colvin keep everything and everyone under control as the dispatcher.

One of the highlights of the evening was the game of "GIANT RUBIC CUBE" which was led off by MOse Crews with David Colvin and the rest of the Sue Line crew join in as more planning was done on the Third District>

Things decided:

Town name- Vordenbaum
Operation locations- Port District and Business district.

The town of Vordenbaum is located by the River Styx and there will be an upper level (Business District) and a "lower" level (Port District). All track was hand layed by Malcolm Vordenbaum with the Business dictrict being code 70 nickel silver and the poet district being Code 100 brass.


Just a note to say "Thanks AGAIN for your continued prayers and support.

The phone calls and visits have all been most appreciated by Gil and his family.

Even tho he can't always give understandable answers, except for "yes" and "no", he understands most everything you tell or ask him and enjoys hearing from you.

He continues to have regular in-home physical, occupational and speech therapies and is showing forward progress.  Speech continues to be a struggle but he's getting more words out with a little prompting.  At the suggestion of his speech therapist, I practice having him look at a picture and repeat what it is several times. 

At the suggestion of his physical therapist,  our son installed a 10ft handrail down one side of our downstairs hall.  He stands up from his wheelchair and walks sideways in both directions, holding on with both hands.  He also walks forward and backward holding on only with his left hand.  (of course his wheelchair is always readily accessible should he need to sit and rest anywhere along the way.)  I must proudly say he now seldom needs it midway.

He wears a safety belt during all walking exercises which is held on to in the back just in case a knee tires and flexes or he needs support for any other reason.

He also walks with his walker with someone with his chair following.

 His latest "show and tell" is getting up to his walker inside the living room and walking out and down the small step onto and across the front porch, down another small step onto and down the front sidewalk  to the crosswalk and down a little ways.  He turns and stops to sit and rest before his return trip.  Occasionally he needs another short sit and rest stop on this return trip.

 He began his first step toward being able to go upstairs....again at the suggestion of his therapist, I made him a 5" practice step.  This has been increased to 6".  Our stairs have 8" risers.

 The goal is to be able, with the help of a left side handrail, to be able to negotiate the first 3 stairs to the landing and then with a chair step climber go the rest of the way and have a walker and wheelchair waiting at the top. 

 This is almost too much motivation.  His therapist is trying to convince him this will take a good bit of time and that he needs to progress slowly on the amount of rise in order to be safe.

 In between therapies, he practices many exercises...pedals with his feet, then with the pedals on a table, pedals with his hands/arms, other physical exercises, speech exercises and on and on.

 We have begun again to go to Sunday Mass and monthly San Jac Model Railroad Club meetings with someone going with us, occasional dinners at local restaurants, and once our good friends, Randall and Diann Wilson took us for a short drive using my car which he is used to getting in and out of.

 Sorry I've gotten carried away with what I intended to be a short note, but I am soooooooo pleased and thankful for his progress I have to brag whenever I get a chance.

 Keep praying and he'll keep progressing.

 Love to all of you,