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August 13th- Union Street Yard and Shreveport

posted Aug 16, 2015, 3:09 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 16, 2015, 3:40 PM ]
Tonight we will take a look at Shreveport and Union Street Yard which is to the south of downtown.

Here we see Shreveport with Union Street Yard to the south and BUSY Yard to the north.

The city of Shreveport was designed and build by famous modeler
Malcolm Furlow, then of Dallas, Texas, and now living near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Malcolm Furlow was assisted by model maker and artist
Scott Wallace of Farmer's Branch, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Some details have since been added by members of the Sue Line Crew.

The map was created and drawn by Sue Line Crew member Charlie DeVillbiss.

First let's take a tour of Shreveport.

Here we see two photos of Union Street Yard taken near the corner of Main Street and Union Street.

This photo is at the corner of Main Street and Union Street.
We are unsure what the two people are discussing, but it doesn't look good.

Next is J. Leming Printing (above)-
a tribute to model railroading Pioneer Jack Leming
who worked for the Dallas Times- Herald.

Next door we see a hotel (above).
This is a plaster casting made after making a rubber mold
of the original kit.

The block ends with Cook's Corner (above).
This is a tribute to hobby shop owner Lew Cook
who owned Cook's Collectors Corner.

Back at the corner of Main Street and Union Street
we see that a basketball is being played.

This is a photo take along Main Street, just north of Union Street.

The two buildings on Main Street are a local bar (above, right) and another hotel (above left).
We can see that there are many details and people along the street.

Here we see two photographs taken along Center Street (above).


Here we see the north side of the hotel on Center Street (above, right).
Next door is the home of Kalmbach Publishing (above, left).
This building also houses Larson Books- a tribute to former Model Railroad Editor- Russ Larson.
This building is also home to Tony's Coasters- a tribute to model railroad legend- Tony Koester.

Across Center Street is an office (above, left) and
a manufacturing building (above, right).

Here we see a photograph from Main Street of the west side of
the office building (above, right) and another Bar (above, left).

A close up of activity along Main Street.
Apparently someone has a gripe with the phone company.

Here we see three building with are along Main Street-
The office building (above, right),
the Bar (above, center), and
a smaller office building (above, left).

Here we see the structures behind Main Street (above, right)
and a house which is being torn down for urban renewal (above. left).
A hotel near the Shreveport Amtrak station is also noted (above, far left).

Three photographs of the Shreveport Amtrak station (above).

Two photographs of a Sue Line passenger train pulled by an F-7 (above).
Station Street is also noted (above, left side of right photo).

Yet another hotel (above right) and
an antique store (above, left) are noted in
Railroad Plaza beside the Shreveport Amtrak station.

Here we can see that the city of Shreveport is located over Union Street Yard.

Here are just a few of the details along the west edge of Union Street Yard.

Here are a few of the details along the east side of Union Street Yard.