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August 16th- The Building Gets Repairs.

posted Aug 18, 2012, 2:10 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 18, 2012, 2:49 PM ]
The initial building had been in pace for about 35 years and the "new addition" for about 20 years. So it was time for some repairs.


Some were medium repairs, like replacing a piece of sideboard (above).

Some were small, like replacing a board (above).

And some were large, like replacing the whole roof (above).

While the contractor was working on the repairs it was hot as he.., but when they were ready to paint, it turned cool and rained, and rained. L o n g story short, the building is not painted yet.


Jim Willis (above) was check his paperwork in Alexandria Yard.

Danny Garland (above) was using his WiiThrottle to run Shreveport Yard.

The Shreveport Public Belt Line was handled by
Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) working in Keithville.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above, File Photos) was busy
as the Sue City Operator.

Matt Tessier (above, file photo) spend his last night
before returning to college, as the Maryville Operator (MOp)

Mose Crews (above) in North Park was
moving freight on the mainline.

Paul Harwell (above) seen relaxing between trains,
was also on the mainline.

Rodney Dixon (above), near Crawley's Ridge, was handling Extra Board trains.

Ken Ellison (above, file photo), seen in Jeauxville,
was a mainline engineer.

Charles Kneipp (above, file photo)in Robinson,
was also busy   on the mainline.


You might be wondering why there were so many "file photos".
As I was leaving the office, a close friend, Llyod Ziegenbein, call.
Lloyd was having trouble with his arm and hand on one side of his body.
I send him to a near-by emergency medical clinic,
where the agreed with my concerns that Lloyd might be having a stroke.
They sent Lloyd to a near-by  hospital where, after a CT scan,
the diagnosis was confirmed.
About half way through the session I had a call from Lloyd's wife Kay.
Ken Ellison was using my Iphone to take pictures of the session.
No more photos were taken, my bad.


A Sue Line GP-40 heads north part two small homes.

A small "play area" behind an ABS signal.

Willis Lumber Company from the read.

A Sue Line GP-40 and an 18-wheeler are headed north side-by-side.

A local grocery store can be seen down the hill.


Back on July 19th, a group of model railroaders from the Baton Rouge area
were headed north to Bentonville, Arkansas, for Hog Rails.
Art Houston, the organizer of the trip, took a video and
Den Kaustin, took the following photos posted on model-railroad-hobbyiest.