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August 19th- Matt's Back and so are we.

posted Aug 22, 2010, 10:15 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 24, 2010, 3:10 AM ]
Matt Tessier returned from his music completion finishing in the top 10 of over 200 participants. CONGRATULATIONS MATT.

The night went well and a few more "undocumented features" were found and eliminated. The war with the "black holes" continues. Over all it was a good night.

Jim Willis (above) once again was the Alexandria Yard Master.

Danny Garland (above) was once again the Shreveport Yard Master. Danny is in the Blanchard Yard facility on the left and in the main Shreveport Yard on the right.

Paul Harwell (above) was The Maryville Operator.

Rodney Dixon (above) kept trains running on the mainline,

as did Ken Ellison (above),

and Mose Crews (above).

Charles Kneipp, a/k/a Cyclops, (above) pulled a night of "maintenance duty" and fixed a few much needed problems including the turnouts in NoLaCRA Yard.

David Colvin (above) as the dispatcher keep his "eye on the prize" as he was watching very closely at every movement by every train on the railroad.

Shot at Maryville as the twin 44-tonner do duty as the Maryville Operator (MoOp).

Shot in Shreveport as the Yard Goat switches out a cut of cars.

Looking from Blanchard Yard eastward.

The group refects on the evening's esssion while having soft drinks and treats.