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August 20th- The Industries of Shreveport

posted Aug 22, 2015, 12:42 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 25, 2015, 8:02 PM ]
Last week we took a look at the City of Shreveport and Union Street Yard. This week we will take a look at the industries located on the north end of Shreveport.
Here we see a photograph of the north end of Shreveport.
The entire city area stretches 40 feet along a partial wall in the primary railroad room.
This map my Sue Line crew member Charlie DeVillbiss shows much of the area.
Here are two more photographs of the overall region north of Shreveport.
It is mainly an industrial park with several railroad yards.
This take a look at some of the individual industries.
They start on the south end with Superior Bakery (above).
Next is Seebold & Sons Manufacturing Company (above).
This is a play on words for by Daughter and her husband (Amy and Adam Sebald)
and their two DAUGHTERS (Alayna and Ainsley).
In the background we see a Sue Line train crossing the Red River Bridge (above).
Above is the work shop for Seebold and Sons.
Here we see the Wallace Paint Company (above).
The sign on the tanks reads-
Paint Co.
All the
colors of
This industry is named for Scott Wallace of Farmer's Branch,
a suburb of Dallas, Texas, and
his former wife Daggi (Dagmar) Wallace.
Scott and Daggi painted the details on the backdrop
after my mother had painted the sky and clouds.
Moving northward, we see Daggi's Imports (above).
The above mentioned Daggi Wallace was a flight attendant
for American Airlines and routinely
flew from Dallas, Texas, to Berlin, Germany.
With each trip she brought back a building kit from Germany.
Here we see the Crews Auto Supply (above).
This industry was named for Sue Line crew founding member Mose Crews,
who before his retirement, ran a body shop at an automobile
dealership in Minden, Louisiana.
Next we see the Shreveport Joint Shops (above).
This structure was named for David Beidle (L&NR) and
his good friend Hank Rummings (AL&W).
North are former Sue Line crew members.
The work yard of the Shreveport Joint Shops (above) is fairly busy.
The bare tree to the north of the work yard was
the only piece of scenery of the railroad of
good friend and modeler Malcolm Vordenbaum of
Wichita Falls, Texas.
A we reach the corner of the wall,
we see a part of B & E Enterprises (above, left) with the building around the corner
and across the tracks.
This complex (more will follow) is named for Sue Line crew
members Ken Ellison and Ron Brannon.
The north most industry of Shreveport is Caddo Grain (above).
The industry was a gift of model railroader, good friend, and
founder of CVP Products, Keith Guiterrez of Dallas, Texas.
It was used on the display module for Railcommand.
Another view of Caddo Grain (above).
Moving back to the south we see the
Shreveport Ice Company (above and yet to be renamed).
Here we see the south end of B & E Enterprises (above).
This is a view of part of the west wall of B & E Enterprises.
Our final photograph is a view of the inside of B & E Enterprises (above).
The barrels were drying canisters from medication bottles
which were painted by Sue Line crew member Jim Willis.
They represent orange juice (orange), grape juice (purple) and
mixed fruit juice (red).