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August 22nd- Ken Ellison and Train 74 the Southbound Grain Train.

posted Aug 25, 2013, 12:41 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 25, 2013, 1:22 PM ]
It was another warm night for the Sue Line Crew, but they were ready to roll......

Tonight we will catch a ride with Ken Ellison, a volunteer deputy sheriff, as he takes Train 74 home to NoLaCRA Yard. He we see Train 74 "running through the trees" between Ft. Barrow and Great Bridge.

Train 74 has just reached the signals at the crossover,
just north of Great Bridge.

Having passed the OS, Train 74 is about to enter Great Bridge.

Train 74 enters Great Bridge.

Train 74 has now crossed Mary Anne Bridge (above)
and is entering Pinecrest (below).

With no switching in Pinecrest, Train 74 move on to North Park.
The local switcher as a block of cars ready for Train 74.

The power from Train 74 grabs the cut of cars.

A Northbound freight passes on the mainline
as Train 74 is put back together.

The engines of Train 74 pull back onto
the train on the siding at North Park.

Train 74 gets ready to leave North Park.

Train 74 enters Dutchman Falls with a cut of cars for Emge Grain.

The local switcher at Dutchman Falls,
pulls up to help Train 74 spot the cars.

Train 74 is ready to leave Dutchman Falls with
Doran Oil and Gas (The DOG) in the background.

Train 74 heads towards the next stop, Jeauville.

Train 74 is about to cross the bascule bridge.

It appears that there is a lot of activity on the island.

Train 74 crosses the long tressle and enters Jeauxville.

A shot of Train 74 from the boat in Jeauxville.

Train 74 passes by John Allen Oil in Jeauxville.

Train 74 is about to leave Jeauxville.

As Train 74 takes the bypass to NoLaCRA Yard,
two northbound trains wait at Crew Change.

Train 74 is about to enter NoLaCRA Yard.

Train 74 enters Track 3 of NoLaCRA Yard.

Train 74 comes to a halt in NoLaCRA Yard.

before we go, let's check out
what is happening in down town Shreveport.

Union Street looks busy.

But, I-20 does not appear too busy.

The Yard Office In Union Street Yard look busy.

The old overpass over Union Street Yard is almost torn down.

The demolition of the old house downtown continues.

Almost everywhere you look there is work going on.

Well, almost everywhere.

Join us again next week,
and a great be "THANK YOU" to
Ken Ellison for this weeks photos.