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August 27th- Back to Maryville Where We Head South

posted Aug 29, 2015, 10:50 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 11:04 AM ]
We began our tour in Maryville and headed north to Shreveport. Tonight we return to Maryville and will head south.

This map was prepared by Sue Line Crew member Charlie DeVillbiss.

As we leave Maryville and head to Ft. Barrow, we pass a farm on a hillside (above).
Yes this is a N-scale structure to give some forced perspective to the scene.

Here we see the north end of Ft. Barrow siding.
This area is named in honor of long time friend and model railroading
legend, David Barrow of Austin, Texas.
We David Barrow first developed his "domino theory" for model railroads,
he did a plan for the Sue Line- only minimal changes would have had to be made-

He we see the south end of the siding at Ft. Barrow.
The track south of the siding is double track to Pinecrest.
The LED lights on the power house are done by
Sue Line Crew member
Dillon Stokes.

Here we see Great Bridge (above)
The scenery and water in this area was done by
Sue Line crew member
David Colvin.

Here we see two views of the corn field
which is just south of Great Bridge (above).

As with any model railroad, there is still some work to be done
as the dual mainline passes through a wall and
into the "new room"
The front track is actually a spur which we will see
next week.