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August 29th- Rodney Dixon's View of The Sue Line.

posted Aug 31, 2013, 8:53 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 31, 2013, 9:12 AM ]
The Sue Line Crew was ready for another fun night of running trains. This week Rodney Dixon has volunteered to take the camera for a look around the Sue Line.

The switchers in Ginnings Yard
are from Busy Yard and are bring
a cut of cars for Train 601,
a grain train, ready to leave.

Train 601 has left Jeauxville and is about to cross the tressel
on the north end of Jeauxville.

The Frisco unit above was just acquired by the
Deadwood Railroad (Jim Willis) and will be
soon repainted for the Deadwood. Tonight the
unit is the switcher for Riverfront Yard.

Train Shreveport Public Belt950 is taking a cut of cars
from Gutierrez Yardto the industries in Ginnings Yard.

The Busy Yard switchers have returned to Busy Yard.

Train 440, a northbound freight passes through
Doran Oil and Gas- The DOG in Sherwood.

Train 440 is later caught passing through Maryville.

The Maryville Operator (MOp) is seen
crossing Black Bridge on the E-Branch

A south bound NoLaCRA train is seen
just beginning to cross Stone Canyon
via the Ferne Bridge.

A special thanks to Rodney Dixon for sharing
his photos from this session.