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August 30th- Sue Line -1 Issac- 0

posted Aug 31, 2012, 8:12 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Sep 7, 2012, 4:20 PM ]
Not even a hurricane can stop the Sue Line Crew.
I am off to see new granddaughter in St.Louis.
Session will be posted when I get back.

For those of you who thought Charles Kneipp (above) was taking cover from Hurricane Issac, he was actually only hard at work (below).

While Charles Kneipp (above) was a work, the other members of the team where having fun running trains.

Jim Willis (above) was calmly working trains in Alexandria Yard.

Paul Harwell (above, right) was hard at work as the Maryville Operator
while Rob Robbins (above left) was running trains on the mainline.
Paul Harwell appears happy, but Rob Robbins may not be happy?

Danny Garland (above) was busy as the Sue City Operator.
A rare shot of Danny Graland shows he without his WiiThrottle.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) is having a good time
as the Shreveport Public Belt LIne Operator in Keithville.

David Colvin (above) was busy building trains in the Shreveport Yard.

Mose Crews (above) appears to be up to his elbows in paperwork.
Mose Crews one of the mainline operators.

Rodney Dixon (above) appears to be enjoying his night on the Extra Board.

Rob Robbins (above) appears happier now - or -
is he taking photos for evidence
against the Maryville Operator?

With Hurricane Issac heading north, schools were closed in Monroe, Louisiana.
Mattier Tessier (above) made the best of his time away from school by running trains.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) is checking out North Park.

Ken Ellison (above) checks his WiiThrottle in Alexandria.
The photos of tonight's session were supplied by Ken Ellison.

The session was under the control of Dispatcher Trainee Lionel Brangham (above,left).
Lionel Brangham was closely supervised by Dispatcher Richard Kamm.


David Colvin (above, left) and Lionel Brangham (above, right)
are trouble shooting a printer cable problem.


David Colvin (above, center) and Lionel Brangham (above, right)
along with Mose Crews (above, left) are trouble shooting
a printer cable problem.


Early on, a group of deer.........

Later, there are the first traces of mankind.....

By the end of the day, the deer are gone.

A south bound local at Sherwood.


Lillian Eve with her father Joseph and her mother Rebecca.


Lillian Eve with her grandfather.
The only thing better than running trains is holding your grand baby.