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August 5th Back to Operations, sort of...

posted Aug 7, 2010, 1:59 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 7, 2010, 2:50 PM ]
It was not a good night for the Sue Line Crew. But first for the good news, one really good thing was that Doran McQueary (below, left) fihished the KCS "Black Beauty" Grain fleet project (Below, right)

Another positive item was that Jason Busey (below, left) brought more locomotives (below, right) to test run.

Still another good thing was that Jim Willis, Mose Crews and Paul Harwell (below) completed new legs for the Jeauxville area. Here we see Mose Crews (back, left) JIm Willis (center) and Paul Harwell (right) taking a break from the 100 degree temperature outside and starting on a new project.

Charlie DeVillbiss (beloww, left) continued to work on adding face plates to the toggle switches (below, right). He is Charlie hard at wotk in Jeauxville.

Paul Harwell (below, left) went to work early on the e-branch. Here we see Paul in the Lake Hamilton Paper Company with a pair of 44 tonners (below, right).

Jim Willis (below, left), as usual went to work in the Aiexandria Yard, Danny Garland (below, center) was busy in the Shreveport yard complex and Charlie DeVillbiss (below, right) tried to control Sue City- more about this later.

Mainline duties then fell to Mose Crews (below,left), along with Rob Robins (below, right).

Also busy on the mainline were Jason Busey (below, left) and Doran McQueary (below, right).

Also on the mainline with Mose Crews (Below, left) and Rodney Dixon (below, center, striped shirt) was Ken Ellison (below, right, blue cap).

Rodney Nixon (below) is shown here at he more common job on the Sue Line.

Overseeing everything and keeping all the operators cool as usual was David Colvin (below, blue shirt) as the dispatcher.

And now for what did not go right:

The first thing to go wrong was that the computer would not communicate to the railroad. After some searching, it was found that last week's cleaning had resulting in the power to the communication system being unplugged.

After that was corrected, there was still more wrong. One of the TC-64 towers was not communicating to the rest of the system, but after being reset this was also finally overcome.

Sue City would not and did not work properly all night. We never found out wat was wrong here.

Jeauxville had been upgraded with new legs, thanks to JIm Willis, Mose Crews and Paul Harwell, but it would no longer operate trains had be pushed thru all night. We believe a jumper can loose, but are not sure.

Next several of the throttles had been set up accidently for frequency 0, but there is not receiver for frequency 0, so they did not work. This being over come, some of the throttles seen to be stuck in "black holes" and frequently lost communication.

Finally, a decoder was fried, etc, etc... but let's not dwell of the negative..