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August 6th- The Mailine North and Morgan

posted Aug 7, 2015, 9:16 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Aug 7, 2015, 9:50 AM ]
This week we will take a look at the mainline from Brandon thru Morgan to Shreveport.

North of Brandon the mainline has a grade crossing with a state highway (above).
This installation is being done by Sue Line crew member Craig Pearson.

There are many signs along the state highway (above).
They were printed on cardstock and glued to steel wire "posts"
and "planted" along the highway.
The back of several highway billboards can also be seen.

About highway between Brandon and Morgan is an Automatic Block Signal (ABS).

Next we will be in Morgan (above).
Morgan is named for long time friend and former co-worker,
John Morgan who also help build the building that houses the Sue Line.
Again the map is designed and drawn by Sue Line crew member Charlie DeVillbiss.

Here we are at the south end of Morgan (above).
It looks like a couple of railfans are waiting for some "action".

This is a view of the north end of Morgan (above).
Behind the north OS is Morgan Irrigation.
One of John Morgan's many jobs was running a yard irrigation business.

The mainline next passes under a small part of the Shreveport
city complex and emerges at Creek (above).

Behind the mainline are multiple industries which are not served by the railroad.

The background in this area was painted by good friend and magnificent model railroader
Malcolm Furlow, hence the Furlow Art Company (above, left).
Also former Sue Line crew member David Beidle is honored with the
Beidle Gas Works.

Continuing northward, we see the Vordenbaum Erection Company (above).
This is named for my wonderful friend and model railroader- Malcolm Vordenbaum,
who lived in Wichita Falls, Texas. Had he lived, Malcolm Vordenbaum would have been 100 years old Sunday, August 2, 2015.
During one of his visits to the Sue Line, Malcolm Vordenbaum took a video of the
railroad which included shows of this industry.
After returning home, Malcolm Vordenbaum played his video for
a young couple who were visiting Malcolm Vordenbaum and his wife, Ferne Vordenbaum.
The young couple apparently were offended and left.
Malcolm Vordenbaum and his brother owned and operated a construction
company which built several buildings in downtown Dallas, Texas and
did much steel erection!

This area is Ferne Junction (above) which was named for Ferne Vordenbaum.
Here we also see the SUUUUUE LINE covered hopper.
Once we did a project where several covered hoppers were cut down in length.
The remaining pieces were spliced together to form this car.

Another portion of Ferne Junction (above).

Here we see that an old highway bridge is being torn down.
One of the best effects on any railroad is lots of details.

Here we see several other building, both painted and low relief
as well as the main highway through Shreveport (above).

Again, the small detais, such as the graffiti (above), enhance the view.

Here we see another set of highway signs (above).
These give the railroad a more "beyond the railroad room" feeling.

Lastly, we seen a part of the Sue Line work train (above) on a spur
next to the Kee Ling Laundry.
This structure is named for good friend, electronics expert and
railroad modeler, Larry Keeler of Kansas City, Missouri.