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December 10th- The Sue Line Crew- Part 2

posted Dec 11, 2015, 8:45 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 13, 2015, 2:45 PM ]
This week we will continue to profile members of the Sue Line Crew-


Mose Crews has retired after more than 40 years as an auto body and paint technician and shop manager for an auto dealership.

Mose Crews has always had an interest in trains, but never became active in the hobby until about 1970.

Mose Crews interest started by watching local trains of the Kansas City Southern (KCS), Illinois Central (IC) and local short lines in and around his hometown of Minden, LA. 

Since then Mose Crews, with his very understanding, patient and lovely wife Sherry and their children in the early years, have traveled to and photographed trains in 37 states.

Mose Crews has a  railroad- the Dorcheat & Lake Bistineau Railroad that is based on the Sibley, Lake Bistineau & Southern Railroad that was abandoned in 1942. 

It operated from a connection with that Louisiana & Arkansas (L&A) and  Illinois Central (IC) at Sibley, LA to the town of Hall Summit and was originally built as a logging road.

Mose Crews interests in model railroading started when he saw a copy of Railroad Model Craftsman at the local newsstand with John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid on the cover and saw the photos inside.  

Later, in 1971, Mose Crews saw an ad for a model railroad open house in Bossier City, Louisiana,

Mose Crews went to the open house and found that the owner also had a hobby shop and operated his railroad weekly for friends who wanted to run trains. 

After this, Mose Crews began going on a regular basis and found that the operation aspect was very interesting (and very habit forming).

During these visits Mose Crews also met a young doctor just out of medical school named Richard Kamm. 

This started a very long and close relationship with not only a great model railroader, but an even greater friend and individual. 

Thanks to Richard Kamm there is The Sue Line Railroad that Mose Crews has seen grow and develop from the very beginning. 

Over the years there have been many great times and some hard times, but with the friendship from operating on The Sue Line Railroad has brought together a large number of great people and friends to keep the Sue Line Railroad running. 

Mose Crews reports “One of the things about this great hobby is the friendships that develop”.

Also because of Richard Kamm and The Sue Line Mose Crews reports he has had a chance to meet a lot of other Great Model Railroaders and many visitors that have come and joined our crew for many enjoyable operating sessions over the years. 

Mose Crews says “Thanks to Richard Kamm and his wife Sue Kamm and all the Sue Line crew and operators and everyone that helps keep the railroad running for many years of enjoyable operation”.


Craig Pearson is a recent members of the Sue Line Crew. Initially Craig Pearson had sent an e-mail expressing interest in the Sue Line Crew and railroad operation. In the reply, Craig Pearson was inadvertently told that the sessions start about 7:00 AM when they actually start about 7:00 PM. Yes, one Thursday, there was a call for Craig Pearson stating that he was at the layout, but no one else was there! Boy, was I red-faced. Since that day Craig Pearson has been a loyal member of the Sue Line Crew.

Craig Pearson is interested in the sciences especially chemistry and physics. Photography, and model railroading.

Craig Pearson attended LA Tech extension at Barksdale Air Force Base where he studied algebra, trigonometry  and calculus.

Craig Pearson attended LSU Shreveport where he studied computer science

Craig Pearson has worked as an electrician at Great Lakes Steel, a computer technician for the United States Air Force, did microcomputer (8080, Z80) based design and programming for manufacturer of oil and gas measurement products, developed noise cancel equipment for a private concern, as well as designed, deployed and maintain computer networks at Barksale Air Force Base.
Currently Craig Pearson has a simple test track, with two locos with Ring Engineering LM-2S and a Ring Engineering HC-2.

Craig Pearson’s desire is to build a switching layout for his home.

At the Sue Line, Craig Pearson has been active in instaling LED and other electronics.