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December 12th- A Tale of Two Trains by Jim Willis

posted Dec 14, 2013, 9:20 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 14, 2013, 10:18 AM ]
Once again the Sue Line crew ignored the cold weather and gathered for a session.

Train 76- A Southbound container train.

We catch Train 76 a southbound container train working in North Park. The local switcher (above, left) and the mainline units (above, right) are both hard at work as we arrive.

The mainline units work the cars at North Park for Train 76.

Having finished in North Park, Train 76 is passing through Sherwood.

We get a final look of Train 76 as it leaves Sherwood and
is about to cross the basqule bridge towards Jeauxville.

Train 71- A Northbound Tank Train

Here we see Train 71, a Northbound Tank Train ready to leave Richardson.

Train 71 is pulling into Jeauxville.

Train 71 has a permissive at the north end of Jeauxville.

Train 71 can be seen in the background north of
on the long wooden tressel.

Train 71 is about to cross the basquel bridge, just south of Sherwood.

Train 71 can be seen with one of the
newest additions to the Sue Line Railroad,
the sensors for a "hot-box detector" just
south of Sherwood.

This is another way to add to your railroad.

Train 71 has stopped in Dutchman Falls to leave some cars.
The Dutchman Falls Switcher (Missouri Southern 612)
is seen helping out.

Train 71 on Ferne Bridge at Stone Canyon.
Note that Train 71 is on the front track from Dutchman Falls.

Train 71 is seen leaving North Park.

Two views of Train 71 entering Pinecrest.
The chain-link fence is from brass wire and bridal veil.

 Train 71 is seen pulling into Maryville.

Another view of Train 71 as it moves through Maryville.


Two shots of Ginnings Yard which appears pretty active.

A shot of the old Robinson- Vordenbaum Station, control point R-V,
is noted between Ginnings Yard (above, left) and
River Front Yard (above, right).

A scrap gondola is being unloaded at DeVillbiss Rail Supply in North Park.

The overhead highway in Pinecrest looks busy.

Two trains are awaiting signals at Richardson.

A pair of ATSF now BNSF GP-35's, are seen
working onto a train in Ginnings Yard.

The Diesel Facility area of Ginnings Yard appears full.

A tripple lash up of NoLaCRA GP-9's are noted near Richardson.

Things are quiet at the freight house in Robert's Crossing.


Last weeks quiz was- where is this and what are they doing.

THE ANSWER- On a river stream between Skippers Place and Crews Siding.
                        This is Skipper Crews with his then girlfriend and now wife.
                        Skipper is proposing. This has been in place for about 25 years
                        and was just noted last week.

This week's Quiz-

Where is this?


Where is this?

Another Tip-

Magazines or advertisements can also be a source for signs.
Copy them with a color copier adjust the size and print.

Many Thanks to Jim Willis who provided the slides from this session.