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December 15th- A Christmas Gift

posted Dec 17, 2011, 5:26 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 17, 2011, 5:49 PM ]
Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle and scurrying about, we loose track of the real meaning of those things which we hold dear. Sometimes we are all about "getting it done and moving on."--------
Sometime we need to just stop and listen.

Rodney Dixon is a quiet person. He has a good heart and he tries hard. Thursday was very special for the group and for Rodney Dixon. I appreciation for the group, Rodney Dixon gave the Sue Line a new locomotive for the fleet- an Atlas powered KCS unit. Thank you Rodney, for your gift and your sharing with the group. Rodney Dixon is a good man.

The weekend before this session, my oldest son, Richard Jr. was with his family in Dallas, Texas. He saw this sign and sent a copy along with a text asking if we had something new going? It is after all a SMALL world.

Mose Crews (above) is keeping a close eye
on his mainline train as it approaches Pinecrest.

Ken Ellison (above) is checking his WiThrottle before
taking his mainline train out of Alexandria Yard.
Once again, Ken Ellison provided the photos of this session.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) is check out
the work for his mainline train at Brandon.

Rob Robbins (above, right) double checks his paperwork
while switching his mainline train in Sue City.
Danny Garland (above, left) is busy as
the yard master in Shreveport.

Rodney Dixon and Marvin Bennett are having
fun with their Extra board in Maryville.
Marvin finally told me his name was "Marvin Bennett" NOT Maurice Bennett" as previously noted. My apologies to Marvin Bennett.

Jim Willis (above) appears to be being buried by cars in Alexandria Yard.

Matt Tessier (above) studies his next switching move in Lake Hamilton.
Matt Tessier was the Maryville Operator (MOp)

David Colvin (above) poses with his WiThrottle
while working as the Sue City Operator.

Danny Garland (above)  is checking his paper work for the tank train (Train 70).
Danny was the Shreveport Yard Master and is shown in Blanchard.

Richard Kamm (above) was the dispatcher
and he appears to be lost in the dark.


The Ferry is being loaded at Jeauxville.

Work on the Doran Oil and Gas (D.O.G.) in Sherwood is progressing.

A south bound train on the main at Maryville.

A north bound train is working Jeauxville.

Things appear busy at the Diesel Facility in Alexandria Yard.

Cars by the Yard....Show are I-49 West Yard (first 5 tracks), then I-49 East Yard (next 5 tracks), with both in Blanchard. NoLaCRA Yard is next (3 tracks wide) and finally Alexandria Yard (10 Tracks wide) is seen.

It appears that the road crew in Crews Siding may never get finished with their job,
could this be the fate of I-49 North?

All appears quiet along the river at Great Bridge.

Business looks good at the Trinity Grain Facility in Sue City.