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December 16th- More Fun

posted Dec 19, 2010, 1:44 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 19, 2010, 2:31 PM ]
With most of our work behind us, it was again time to play. Yes, the Christmas tree stayed up all year!

The crew began to gather about 30 minutes prior to our usual start time of 7:00 pm. Mose Crews (above, left, light blue jacket), David Colvin (above, left, dark blue jacket) and Matt Tessier (above, left, red shirt) along with Matt's brother Todd Tessier (above, right, on couch), Rob Robbins (above, right, beige jacket), Jim Willis (above, right, red jacket), Ken Ellison (above, right, blue cap) and Paul Harwell (above, right, gray hair), were all talking about tonight's session in the crews lounge.

Soon the group was upstairs and busy having fun running trains. Rob Robbins (above, left) picked up his train at Sue City. Matt Tessier (above, center, red shirt) and his brother Todd Tessier (above, center, camo shirt) ran trains together. Jim Willis (above, right) found his train near Maryville.

Paul Harwell (above) again took on the job of keeping Maryville running smoothly.

The yards were once again handled by Danny Garland (above, left) on the north end at Shreveport and Mose Crews (above, right) on the south end at Alex Yard.

Trains on the mainline were kept rolling by Ken Ellison (above, left) and Doran McQuery (above, right) as well as Charlie DeVillbiss (below).

Once again the railroad operations were under the skillful hand and watchful eye of David Colvin (above) as the dispatcher and train master.

The Saga of Train 43
(part 2)

When we last saw Train 43, it was a Robert's Crossing (above, left) and now Train 43 is leaving Robert's Crossing (above, center) and soon is approaching the south end of Sue City (above, right).

Train 43 has a Green Signal through south Sue City (above, left) and north Sue City (above, right).  Due to technical difficulties, the movement of Train 43 past Robinson was not documented. Finally, Train 43 arrives in Brandon (above, right) where the effects of the April earthquake can still be seen.

Train 43 passes the Kneipp Clipboard Company (above, left) and the Howell's Whiskey Warehouse (above, center) in Brandon. The journey of Train 43 ends with the arrival to Morgan (above, right) where the train is held until the is an opening in Shreveport.