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January 8th- A Look at 2015 on the Sue Line and A New Video By Dillon Stokes.

posted Jan 15, 2015, 10:49 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 7:26 AM ]
Tonight, the Sue Line Crew held their first session of the 2015 Version of the Sue Line.

Part of the locomotive fleet being used by the Sue Line.

A few of the many varied cabooses used by the Sue Line.

Some of the industries in Keithville.

The elusive owner of Keith's Scrap and Crap.
Just look at those hours he puts in!

All is not well on the Sue Line. Here we see two groups of protesters.

 However, there are still quiet places to be found.

There are many types of work on the Sue Line.

Other activities are going on, including the proposal of Skipper Crews to his future wife.
Today they are married and their oldest son just graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in engineering !!!

A scratch built structure in Leming.

A very long car in Union Street Yard.

My wife's first structure in Pinecrest.

The hobby shop in Brandon.

Cook's Scrap also in Brandon.

A cut of cars in Ashby Junction.

The road crew near Crews Siding.

The private freight helicopter with pilot, Jeaux Kamm.

A switcher with a cut of cars.

A view of Eastman on the E-Branch.

Another view of Eastman.

All of the above things make the Sue Line a good railroad,
but below is what makes the Sue Line a GREAT Railroad...

The River Front Yard Master- Mose Crews.

Engineer- Craig Pearson

Engineer and Superintendent of Maintenance- Charles Kneipp

Engineer- Ken Ellison

Engineer Danny Garland.

Engineer Jim Willis (file photo)

Engineer and Assistant Dispatcher- Rob Robbins (file photo)

Engineer- Charlie DeVilbiss (file photo).

Engineer Lionel Brangham (above, right)

Asst Chief Dispatcher- David Colvin (file photo).

Local Agent and Engineer- Dillon Stokes

For a new Video by Dillon Stokes chick

Dillon Stokes also provided this photographs of this session.

As 2014 has come to a close and we head off into 2015,
we can look forward to another year of

Happy Railroading on the Sue Line.