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December 23rd- Christmas Eve, Eve

posted Dec 29, 2010, 4:11 AM by Sue Line RailRoad
A small but hardy group gathered for the next to last session of the year this week. Among those missing was myself as my two sons and daughter arrived Thursday for a special Christmas.

Those who did make the session were Ken Ellison (top, left and bottom, right), Rodney Dixon (top, center and middle, left), Danny Garland (top, right and middle, center), Jim Willis (middle, right) and Charlie DeVillbiss (bottom, left).
Those who also made it but escaped the late arriving camera were (Mose Crews, his son Skipper Crews, and Paul Harwell).

After the formal session, my oldest son, Richard, Jr (above, left), my grand daughter Sarah Rhiannon (above, middle) and my youngest son, Joseph (above, right) joined the railroad for a private run for my six years old grand daughter.

My son Joseph (above) is the person who obtained, set up and helps continually with the maintenance of this website. Without him, there would be no weekly updates. Many thanks, Joseph.

There will be a session next week and I promise to be there.....