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December 24th- The Sue Line Crew- Part 4

posted Dec 25, 2015, 11:55 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 25, 2015, 11:58 AM ]
Although there was no operation session this week, we will continue to take a look at Sue Line Crew Members-

Marvin Bennett, Jr. got into model railroading when he was a teenager. Although Marvin Bennett, Jr. ‘s Mom and Dad had bought him a Lionel train set for Christmas, one year, as you know with a little boy and his toys, things tend to get destroyed. Marvin Bennett, Jr.’s Dad was in the United States Air Force and was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, when Marvin Bennett, Jr. was born.


Marvin Bennett, Jr. has three sisters, one older and two younger. Marvin Bennett, Jr. is married to his lovely wife, Nancy Bennett. Marvin Bennett, Jr. says “To whom I thank for letting me do what I love to do- model railroading”. Marvin Bennett, Jr. also reports “My wife told me she was interested in the old steam engines”. Marvin Bennett, Jr. hopes that one day his wife will help with his railroad.


Marvin Bennett, Jr. also thanks a good friend of his, Lionel Brangham who told Marvin Bennett, Jr. about the Sue Line Railroad. Marvin Bennett, Jr. says “Lionel Brangham told me that the Sue Line Railroad was planning to run steam engines on the night of November 17, 2011. Marvin Bennett, Jr. came to that night and has been coming even since. Marvin Bennett, Jr. reports “I enjoy running trains on the Sue Line Railroad along with the fellowship of some new friends since he started attending the weekly Thursday night sessions”.


Marvin Bennett, Jr.  currently works for a hydraulic shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. Marvin Bennett, Jr. started out as a bagboy at Brookshires Grocery on Airline Drive in Bossier City, Louisiana which is now Super One Grocery. Marvin Bennett, Jr. had numerous jobs from a laborer at Gyn Dandy to auto mechanic at a local mechanic shop. Marvin Bennett, Jr. has also learned about several trades including remodeling, a little plumbing and a little electrical. If Marvin Bennett, Jr. when he finds out how it is done. Marvin Bennett, Jr. says “That was when I get ready to build my shop for my layout I will know how to build it. This is all that is holding me up on putting my layout together.”


Marvin Bennett, Jr.  has two train sets which he got when he was a teenager. One is called the Golden Rails and the other is called Railroad Empire. Both of these sets are from Life-Like. Marvin Bennett, Jr. has a fair collection of engines from the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O), the Chesapeake & Ohio (C & O), the Chessie System, Burlington Northern & Santa Fe (BNSF), the Texas & Pacific (T&P), Southern Pacific (SP), Cotton Belt (SSW) and even the Union Pacific (UP). Marvin Bennett, Jr. has thought about getting some engines that merged into the CSX Railroad.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. says “Thanks to the Sue Line Crew for letting me be a part of a great group of friends and running trains with you on the Sue Line Railroad.
Marvin Bennet Jr. proposed railroad.
It has been a tradition for several years that Snoopy (brought by Marvin Bennett, Jr.) visits the Sue Line Railroad and this year is no exception---
Snoopy and his Christmas train in Maryville.
Snoopy and the Christmas train in Leming.
Snoopy and the Christmas train in Sue City.
Snoopy and the Christmas train in Brandon.
Hopefully, Snoopy and his friends will be back next year to visit the Sue Line Railroad.