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December 5th- 2 GREAT Videos and 1 GREAT Session.

posted Dec 7, 2013, 10:29 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 10, 2013, 6:33 AM ]
As usual this time of the year, it was turning cold outside, but inside everything was just right.

On Halloween, new member Michael Dillon Stokes (above)  had brought his UP 3958 over for a test run. He also made a video. Click this link to see this work  UP 3958 Visits the Sue Line

On November 14th, the group ran a 58 car train with both mid-train and rear end helpers. This was also recorded by Dillon Stokes. Again Dillon Stokes and his brother Michael Stokes made a video. Click this link to see this work  RailPro DP on the Sue Line

Many, many thanks to Dillon Stokes.

An earlier post indicated that Dillon and his brother Michael made the video, BUT Dillon's first name is MIchael. Boy did I goof up.

Photos from a yard switcher point of view.

The yard switchers at BUSY Yard (above) are switching a cut of cars.

The same switchers can later be found in Ginnings Yard.

The switchers are working cuts of cars in Ginnings Yard.

The same switchers are noted leaving Ginnings Yard.

A set of GP-35's are being refueled in the Diesel Facility in Ginnings Yard.

 A caboose hop is noted moving through River Front Yard.

Back on the mainline.

A north bound train is noted in Jeauxville.

On the north end of Jeauxville,
we see the north bound train has a permissive signal.

He we see a south bound container train leaving Robinson.

Later, the south bound container train is noted at Robert's Crossing.

The south bound container train is seen crossing
the Colvin Family Lines at Robert's Crossing.

The state construction crew appears to still
be working on the black top road south of
Crews Siding.

Looks like the bayou has run dry or
perhaps I am afraid to try modeling water.

A note about the billboards on the Sue Line,
they are photographs of real billboards with are
downloaded from my camera to my computer and
then printed on 40 pound paper, cut out,
strip wood added for the legs, and weathered.
This helps with "placing your railroad in the Real World".


The answer to the previous quiz is-
North Park
One reader named the building,
as it was on a sign in the photo.
No one submitted the correct town.

This week's quiz-
Where is this couple and
what are they doing?????


Danny Garland for the yard photos.

Ken Ellison for the mainline photos.

Dillon Stokes for the videos.