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December 9th- Small Group- Big Fun

posted Dec 12, 2010, 9:56 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Dec 12, 2010, 11:15 AM ]
During the Holiday Season the group is always small, but tonight was fun.

Everyone that was present was kept busy and had fun. (Paul Harwell (above, far left) Ken Ellison (above, blue cap), Danny Garland (above, gray cap) and Jim Willis (above, far right) were all busy when the session began.

Here we see Ken Ellison (above left, blue cap) and Charles Kneipp (above left, red hair) running trains in Sue City and Danny Garland (above right, gray cap) and Matt Tessier (above left, headphones) getting a train ready to leave Ashbu Junction.

Rob Robins (above, left) switching in Lake Hamilton at the Paper Mill  and Paul Harwell (above, right) on the mainline near Maryville, were both busy and happy all night.

David Colvin (above) once again kept trains running smoothly as the dispatcher and train master.


(Photo courtesy of Art Houston)

Jack Green, founder of the Mod-South Model Railroad Club in Baton Rouge lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Saturday December 11, 2010. Jack was a kind, gentle, and sharing friend who will be missed.

The Saga of Train 43
(Part 1)

Train 43 began when the dispatcher posted that it was to depart from Alexandria yard (above, left). The message was sent to the Crew Message Board (above, center) and Charles Kneipp engineer of local train 134, a pair of Soo Line F-7's was called to clear the main for Train 43 (above,  right).

Train 43 with LOW engines 739 and 735 in the lead, held the main while passing train 134 which was on the siding at Jeauxville. (above, left) Train 43 next crossed Baffin Bay, first on the trestle bridge (above, enter) and then the bascuel bridge (above, right). 

Running on green signals from the dispatcher, Train 43 passes the petroleum chemical complex in Sherwood (above left), before crossing Stone Canyon on the massive Fern Bridge (above, center). Train 43 next enters North Park an rumbles pas the signal bridge (above, right) heading under the railfans who has invaded the bridge.

Train 43 next enters the town of Pinecrest (above, left), passing MardiGras Mills (above, center) and meeting Train 486 with engineer Ken Ellison (above, right).

Crossing Lake Hamilton, Train 43 (above, left) continues towards Maryville. Jim Willis engineer on train 112 get a signal to depart toward Ft. Barrow (above, center) prior to the arrive of Train 43. Train 43 finally "catches a red" signal, the first of the route at North Maryville (above, right).

After gettin a permissive signal, Train 43 moves past E-B tower (above, left) and into Crews Siding (above, center) where the highway department is busy replacing the grade crossing. Train 43 next enters the south end of the town of Lemming (above, right).

Train 43 continues pass the tenement houses in Lemming (above left) and the freight depot (above, center) before stopping for a red signal to meet Train 238 with Matt Tessier running the Mid-South engines.