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Feb 4th & 6th - Things continue to grow....

posted Feb 7, 2010, 6:46 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 15, 2010, 4:58 PM ]
With the help of two of the SUE LINE Operators, things are really moving on the conversion.

Thanks to the efforts of Ken Ellison and David Colvin the work on the conversion is growing by leaps and bounds. The signal system is now all the way to South Morgan. All turnouts are functions both by dispatcher and local control. Detectors are in except for three locations and the work goes on and on.

 New areas with Turnout control, detection and Signals

Thanks to Jim Willis and Rob Robins for their work on EasyDCC. The system is in and working up to USY Yard. Both USY and Keithville should go live next Thursday. The work of Danny Garland, Paul Harwell and Rodney has allowed the installation of the EasyDCC to go fairly smoothly.

 Areas now under EasyDCC control include these yards at Shreveport

Next on the agenda will be the completion of the signal system in Brandon and Robinson with Sue City in easy site. John Arnold will be joining us again next Thursday to make more cables to connect the CIC boards to the layout. The ribbon cables from the TC-64's to the CIC's are all done. All we need is time.

Charles Kneipp continues with the change over of turnout motors in Underworld..

Jim McClure has supplied us with a "ton" of information on his experience with various decoders.

Hope fully the EasyDCC will "go radio" next Thursday.

No session next Saturday
as by anniversary is February 14 (yes, Valentine's day) and I will not be anywhere close to the railroad and here is why....