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February 12th- A Night With Rob Robbins

posted Feb 17, 2015, 9:49 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 17, 2015, 10:39 AM ]
This week we will ride along with Rob Robbins (below, left, file photo), a physics teacher by day and a model railroad engineer and dispatcher by night. We also have a photo of Rob Robbins at work on the weekends  (below, right) Rob Robbins is on the handcar.


Here we see Train 85, a north bound freight as it approaches Crawley's Ridge.

Train 85 is next seen in the south end of Sue City.

Train 85 is awaiting a permissive signal at the north end of Sue City.

Train 85 has gotten a clear indication on the south end of Robinson.

Here we see Train 85 on the mainline at Robinson.

Train 85 passes through the woods between Robinson and Brandon.

Train 85 is seen passing a south bound freight at South Morgan.

The locomotives from Train 85 is seen passing through
River Front Yard
in the Shreveport Terminal Complex.

The locomotive from Train 85 pass by the
R-V Station
on their way to the Diesel Facility.


Train 48 is first seen as it enters the South Morgan Control Point.

Here we see that the previous south bound freight
is still holding at South Morgan.

Here we see that Train 48 is made up of Superliner cars and
probably full of Mardi Gras Revelers headed to New Orleans
to celebrate the whole week before returning on next Thursday's train.

Train 48 has a proceed signal at the south end of Brandon.

We next see Train 48 leaving Leming.

Train 48 is racing by Crews Siding.

Train 48 makes a quick stop at the station
in Maryville for some more revelers.

A look a Train 48 as it leaves the station at Maryville.

Train 48 crosses Mary Anne Bridge and is about to enter Pinecrest.

Train 48 running through the Swamp.

Another shot of Train 48 in the Swamp.

Train 48 in NoLaCRA Yard and headed to New Orleans.


We first see Train 127, a north bound local freight,
 at Crew Change (above, east mainline with
Sue Line 4027 in the lead).

Here we see Train 127 in Jeauxville.

Train 127 is pulling into Dutchman Falls to switch.

A local switcher is also busy in Dutchman Falls.

A photo from the second unit of Train 127
as it crosses Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon.

A south bound freight enters Ferne Bridge from the north.

Train 127 in North Park.

Train 127 while switching in Pinecrest.

Train 127 set out a tank car in Maryville.

Train 127 running through Crews Siding.

Train 127 at RCX.

Train 127 entering Sue City from the south.

Train 127 leaving the north end of Sue City.

Train 127 leaving Brandon on the mainline.

Train 127 (above, right) meets
Train 76
(above, left) at South Morgan.


Train 76 passes by the station at Brandon.

Train 76 switching cars at Robinson.

As this session ends, Train 76 is switching cars at Shattuck.

A Great BIG Thank You to Rob Robbins
who supplied the photos for this session.