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February 14- 24- A Long Awaited Train Ride....

posted Feb 25, 2014, 8:40 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 26, 2014, 8:18 PM ]
About 20 years ago, a trip from Shreveport to San Antonio, Texas to Los Angeles, California, to San Francisco, California, to St.Louis, Missouri and back home was planned, but it never happened until this week...

February 14th- The trip begins.

Marshall, Texas, my wife and I board the Texas Eagle at 7:01 pm, have supper and then go to bed in our handicap room .

February 15th- St. Louis, Missouri

We are met by our youngest son, Joseph Kamm who has our youngest grand daughter, Lillian Eve with him.

Next we cross a frozen Mississippi River and enter Illinois.
At Springfield, Illinois, we board a bus to Galesburg, Illinois.

At Galesburg, Illinois, there is snow, snow, snow.
They have to use a snow plow to clear the platform.
We had a 4 hour wait in Galesburg, Illinois
during which we had lunch and watch an arrest
in the Men's Room of the Station for drug selling.

That evening we caught the California Zephyr and were off for San Francisco, California.
This is a view from our room.

February 15, 16, 17- California Zephyr.

Note that we had to pass all the restrooms to get to our room.
Before we could get to Denver, Colorado,
the restrooms were not flushing,
but the passengers continued to use them until----.
Let's just say we had to change to another car.

The view of the Rocky Mountains was fabulous.

The Colorado River was flowing and beautiful.

February 17, 18, 19- San Francisco, California

Let's just say San Francisco was great, but a lot of walking.
WE rode the cable cars,
we visited Chinatown,
and we visited Fisherman's Wharf.
Id I mention we did a LOT of walking,
either up or down hill.

February 20- Coast Starlight

After San Francisco, California, we boarded the Coast Starlight
and headed for Los Angeles, California.
The view was again fabulous.

Fbruary 21- Los Angeles, California

We did have some time to do some shopping.
This market was 2 blocks from the
Union Station In Los Angeles, California.

February 22,23,24- Sunset Limited and Texas Eagle

The view into Mexico from the Sunset Limited
was beautiful in its own way.

After reaching San Antonio, Texas, we were on out way
home once again on the Texas Eagle.

One last look towards Mexico.
February 24- Home again.