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February 17th- Getting ready for Louisiana Rail Run

posted Feb 19, 2011, 8:06 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 20, 2011, 5:48 AM ]
It was work and play as the Sue Line Crew was getting ready for visitors from Arkansas and Louisiana who we passing thru on the way to the Louisiana Rail Run in Baton Rouge.

Ken Ellison (above) replaced a TC-64 tower which we had apparently "fried". Something about -15 volts not being well for a 0- 5 volt input. Ken also completed the sensors at Richardson, something we had "forgotten" when moving from work to play.

David Colvin (above) was busy with decoder installation. Could a regular passenger train be back on the Sue Line?

With the mechanical work out of the way, Mose Crews (above left) took over Shreveport Yard duties and Charlie DeVillbiss (above, right) took over the Alex Yard duties.

As the session continued, Paul Harwell (above, left) took on the duties of the Maryville Operator and Rodney Dixon (above, right) took on the final switching at Sue City.

Rob Robbins (above) work the Shreveport Public Belt Job.

Mainline trains were few but fun. Here we see Ken Ellison (above, left) with a pair of his CSX units (above, right) about to begin switching at Crews Siding.

Charles Kneipp (above, top) is seen busy at Brandon, while Danny Garland (above, middle) awaits his next assignment and Lionel Brangham (above, bottom) is seen working his train at North Park.


A crowd at the south end of the railroad as Lionel Brangham (above, left) switchs in Jeauxvulle while Ken Ellison (above, center) get ready to find his next train and Charlie DeVillbiss (above, right) is switching cars in South Alex.

At the same time, Rodney Dixon (above) is all alone at Sue City.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above, top) check his train list in Alex Yard, while David Colvin (above, middle, left) and Charles Kneipp (above, middle, right) discuss switching at Robinson and Mose Crews (above, bottom) fixes a rare derailment in the I-49 East Yard.

Jim Willis (above, left) just outside the dispatchers office talking with Matt Tessier (above, right) the Assistant Dispatcher for the evening.

After the operating session, the crew spent about 1 - 11/2 hours doing paper work as a car check (done about every 6 months) was done tp reset and missing or incorrectly switched cars. There were less than a doze of the aver 900 cars out of place.

Mose Crews (above, top, left) check paper work while Charles Kneipp (above, top, right) prepares to resolder a broken connection. Paul Harwell (above, center) check cars against car list at Shattuck while David Colvin (above, below) enters car location updates.