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February 18th- What a difference a week makes

posted Feb 20, 2010, 8:12 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 21, 2010, 6:59 PM ]
It is hard to believe that last week we had 4 1/2 inches of snow on the ground, but the weather has turned warmer, now in the 60's and the Sue Line workforce is out in force, including the two youngest members, twin grandsons Parker (left) and Owen (right).

Danny Garland has finished the EasyDCC installation in Keithville while Rob Robins, Jim Willis, and Mose Crews are pushing to complete the installation in Shreveport and Union Street. Bugs, bugs, bugs, but they are winning the fight.

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You would think with all the "high-tech" toys we are adding that there would be something better, but I cannot think of anything better than the panel designed and built by Mose Crews to isolate the various parts of the Shreveport sections of the railroad.

David Colvin and Ken Ellison along with Rodney are continuing the cable installation for the R-R CirKits signal system. Brandon in now complete.

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The town of Robinson is now ready for cable installation and testing.

John Arnold was back to make cables had used up all our RJ-45 wire.  John also completed the wiring of the LocoNet system all the way to Leming thanks to five new TC-64's from Dick and Karen Bronson at R-R CirKits. Matt has dressed up the wiring for the power lines also all the way to Leming.

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Charles Kneipp has completed the installation of the Tortoise Switch machines which had been overlooked in Stonewall.

Charlie DeVilbiss has been attaching resistors to LED's and general soldering. A boring, but helpful job.

And the weekend ends on a high note, thanks to Al (Mr. Fixit) Lautenslager at CVP.  Al pointed out "once again" the difference in "communication cables" and "telco cables". I was, once again, using the wrong one and could not get the radio portion of EasyDCC to operate. Thanks to Al, and a timely e-mail
( a.lautenslager@tx.rr.com ) this week ends with things again humming on the Sue Line Railroad.