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February 19th- A Night with Ken Ellison

posted Feb 21, 2015, 10:08 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 21, 2015, 11:27 AM ]
It was a great night outside and a FUN night inside as the Sue Line gathered for their weekly operation session. Tonight, let's join Ken Ellison (below) as he runs trains on the Sue Line...

We first see Train 49, a north bound Amtrack train (below) at Crew Change.


Here we see Train 49 in Jeauxville.

Train 49 passes over the island between Sherwood and Jeauxville.

Train 49 crosses the bascule bridge headed for Sherwood.

Train 49 enters Maryville.

Train 49 passes a north bound container train
(Train 76 from last week, in Leming.

Train 49 stops at the station in Sue City.

We take a last look at Train 49 at the signal is Stonewall.
He we leave the Amtrak train and get on Train 128,
the south end local freight.


After we board Train 128, it passes under the City,
through the Rat Hole (above left) and
waits for a clear signal at  Creek (above right).

Here we see Train 128 as it passes through Sue City.

Two views of Train 127 as it leaves Sue City.

Train 128 is seen leaving Leming.

Train 128 is just leaving the tunnel
between Leming and Crew Siding.

Train 128 is getting a cut of cars in Maryville.

Train 128 is finishing the switching at Maryville.

Train 128 meets a north bound freight at Pinecrest.

Train 128 is now switching cars in Pinecrest as the session comes to a close.


Thanks to the recent storms, a the scenery fairie,
we now have more water on the layout.

There is water in the previously dry creek at Robert's Crossing.

There is water in the stream between RCX and Leming.

A stream is now full of water between Maryville and Ft. Barrow.

More water is seen in the stream between Maryville and Lake Hamilton.

Another shot of the water beneath the tressel between RCX and Leming.

Even the Bayou Dorcheat has water...

and the lake at the south end of Sue City has water.

Many, Many thanks to Ken Ellison for
the photographs from this weeks session.

As we close this session,
a reminder about
what stops where?

See you next week.