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February 21st- There're HERE- The LaRailRun

posted Feb 24, 2013, 1:36 PM by Sue Line RailRoad
They came from the North and they came from the West. They were on their way South to the LaRailRun in South Louisiana.


Doug Farrner (above) was from Bentonville to the North.

John  Ferrell (above) also  was from Bentonville.

Jim (Gert) Muller was from the West- Dallas/Ft. Worth Area.
Originally  Gert was from the far South- South Africa......

Also from the West was Dave Kohler (above)

Joint us from the West was Ryan Zamarron (above)

Along with Shanna Zamarron (above).

Rounding out the visitors was Clarence Zink (above)


Rob Robbins (above) from the Marshall & East Texas (M&ET)

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) of the Eagle, Chief and Orient (EC&O)

Marvin Bennett Jr. of the CSX, but tonight to FWRR.

Mose Crews (above) of the famous Dorcheat & Lake Bistineau (D&LB)

Jim Willis (above) of the former Peaceful Valley & Utopia (PV&U)
now the Deadwood Central.

Danny Garland (above) of the Lavan Oliver & Western  (LO&W).

Lionel Brangham (above) of the Pennsy.

Ken Ellison (above in a file shot)  also of the CSX.
Ken Ellison was so busy taking photos
 of the session that he forgot
to get one of himself.

Overseeing the FUN was Sue Line Chief Dispatcher, Richard Kamm


Yet another new locomotive at work on the Sue Line at North Park.

A North bound freight leaves South Morgan JCT.

A North bound freight on the branch to Shattuck.

Team Zamarron at work in Alexandria Yard.

There were operators everywhere all night long.