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February 25th & 27th- End of Second Month

posted Feb 27, 2010, 3:50 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Mar 10, 2010, 7:26 PM ]
The came, they worked, and they conquered......the work keeps moving. As you can see then panel is now twice as large as previously.

It feels as if we are about to exit the toughest section of our work and enter an easier going stage, but there is still much to do, but I believe our team is up to it.

Thursday night, after several conferences, the town of Robinson was completed thanks to David Colvin (above right), Rodney Dixon (above center) and John Arnold (above left) along with Ken Ellison (not pictured).

The final touches on Brandon were completed by Danny Garland (below left) and the LED's for Robinson and Sue City were modified by Charlie DeVilbiss (below right).

The work continued fast and furiously at the Shreveport area with Mose Crews (above) checking out the radio throttle controlled DCC unit and finding much to still be done. While Paul Harwell (below left), Jim Willis (below center) and Rob Robins (below right) were down under while "working on the railroad."

Saturday, much of Sue City was completed thanks again to David Colvin and Ken Ellison with support from Ron Brannon and Rodney Dixon. Mose Crews continued his work in Shreveport while Jim Willis and Rob Robins completed USY.

And so where are we now??????

(Click on maps to enlarge)

We have completed the Yards in the "new room", we are alomst complete in Shreveport and USY. Morgan, Brandon and Robinson are complete and we have turned on the end of the island and are soon to complete Sue City. One more turn and things will begin to really "fly".