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February 27th- Back to Work a/k/a Having Fun

posted Feb 28, 2014, 12:40 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 28, 2014, 12:54 PM ]
Once again we will join Jim Willis as he takes a northbound grain train (Train 85) across the Sue Line.

Train 85 has entered Leming and is preparing to switch James Grain.

Having left Train 85 on the mainline, the locomotives have
to pull some cars before placing the covered hopper.

The view from the opposite direction as Train 85
switches cars at James Grain in Leming.

A south bound stack train comes through
Leming while Train 85 is working.

Having finished in Leming, Train 85 moves through Robert's Crossing.

Train 85 moves through Sue City.

A southbound freight is on the west mainline in Sue City (above, right most track),
the Sue City-Busy Yard turn is on the east maijnline (above, center track),
and one of the two local switchers is on a spur (above,left most track).

After the above traffic has cleared, Train 85 waits
for a clear signal at the north end of Sue City.

Train 85 is awaiting a signal to enter the
Shreveport Terminal
at North Morgan.

Train 85 is ready to enter Busy Yard.

After dropping the cars in the yard,
the locomotives of Train 85 are
seen at the refueling rack.


A man posts a letter in Robert's Crossing.

Workers are clearing out undergrowth and rocks in Robert's Crossing.

All is quiet in Robert's Crossing.

Another view of Robert's Crossing.

The road maintenance crew is busy as a switcher goes up the B-Branch.

Skipper's Place looks loaded with cars.

A southbound local freight enters Maryville Yard.

Train 112, the southbound local freight nears Sue City.

A special thanks to Jim Willis for the photographs from
this session and the three previous sessions.