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February 28th- A Close Call

posted Mar 8, 2013, 7:32 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Mar 8, 2013, 7:56 PM ]
Just one week after hosting the LaRailRun groups from Dallas, Texas and Bentonville, Arkansas, there was a major problem as the Sue Line Crew stated to get back to normal....There was no power to the layout room.

After making sure that all the brakers were good, the wall switch was found to be defective. After 35 Plus years of service. It had finally happened. Infrastructure failure.  Kenn Ellison (above in blue hat) is removing the failed switch as Charles Kneipp (above,with red shirt) looks on with the voltmeter which confirmed the problem. This shot was taken in the dark as the main breaker was thrown for safety reasons.

After an hour of trouble shooting and repair, all was good.
Charles Kneipp (above) is seen with his WiiThrottle between
and Brandon with a south bound freight.

Paul Harwell (above) looks happy as his south bound freight is
about to leave Union Street Yard in Shreveport.

Rodney Dixon (above) looks intent as
he brings his train into Maryville.

Ken Ellison (above) uses his WiiThrottle to switch his train in Leming.
Ken Ellison also took the photos for this session.
Engineer, Photographer, Electrician and Troubleshooter--- an All Around Good Man.

Teaching High School Physics is hard, but Rob Robbins (above)
can run trains on the Sue Line with his eyes closed!

Mose Crews (above, file photo) rounded out the mainline operators.

Jim Willis (above) was back at home as the Alexandria Yard Master.

Marvin Bennett, Jr. (above) appears at ease using
his WiiThrottle to switch Maryville as
the Maryville Operator (MOp).

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) is using a CVP T5000 throttle as he
stays busy as the Sue City Switcher.

Danny Garland (above) looks busy as the Shreveport Yard Master.

Overseeing the session was Chief Dispatcher, Richard Kamm.


The car shops in South Alexandria.

The Diesel Facility at South Alexandria Yard.

The lead to I-49 Yard in Alexandria.

Switchers on the E-Branch-  C&O (above, left) and Forth Worth and Western (above, right).


A south bound train (above) holds the mainline at Leming.

A north bound train (above, right) pulls into town on the siding.

Side by side the two trains meet.