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February 10th- Job Rotation

posted Feb 12, 2011, 6:06 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 12, 2011, 6:53 AM ]
This Thursday marked a change in the Sue Line, not mechanically or physically, but the members rotated to new jobs thus changing how the Sue Line operated.

Back after a three week "road trip" was David Colvin (above), who took over the duties of the Maryville Operator (MopOp). Here David is seen operating on the E-Branch.

One of the biggest changes was that Mose Crews (above) took over the duties of the Shreveport Yard Master on the north end of the railroad. Here we see Mose checking his switch list while working the M&ET Yard in Shreveport.

Likewise, Charlie DeVillbiss (above) took over the duties of the Alexandria Yard Master on the south end of the railroad. Here we see Charlie mear the north end of Alex Yard.

Doran McQueary (above) took on the job of the Sue City Operator which anchors the middle of the railroad. Here we see Doran with his switcher on the west side of Sue City.

Well, you may be asking by now, where are the "regular" Yard Masters?

Both Danny Garland (above, left) and Jim Willis (above, right) where on the mainline. Seeing parts of the railroad they have not seen in months. Danny Garland is busy in Jeauxville while Jim Willis waits on Stone Canyon Bridge to get into North Park to switch.

Joining in on the mainline were Lionel Brangham (above left) and Rob Robbins (above, right). Lionel is busy in Sue City while Rob is waiting at Richardson for a signal to move on to Jeauxville.

Running on the Extra Board Rodney Dixon (above, right) is in North Park switching his "pig" train while Mose Crews (above, left) is working in the I-49 West Yard in Blanchard, just north of Shreveport.

Assistant Dispatcher for the evening was Matt Tissier (above).

Here we can see that Matt has been very busy as he is also Assistant Trainmaster, Luckily with RailOps being "in the red" indicates the successful completion of trains rather than any trouble.


Here we see Rodney Dixon (above, left) and Danny Garland (above, right) with trains in North Park.

It is a rare site to see both Danny Garland (above, left) and JIm Willis (above, right) on the mainline, but here they are at North Park which is a great place to railfan.

Her we see Rob Robins (above, left) and Charlie DeVillbiss(above, right) chatting while Rob is waiting at Richardson.

Danny Garland (above, left), Doran McQueary (above, middle) and David Colvin (above, right) discuss installing decoders.

Matt Tessier (above) uses the radio to communicate to a crew member upstairs as a TC-64 is reprogrammed.

Rodney Dixon (above, left) and Lionel Brangham (above, right) during a discussion in the crew lounge after the operating session.

Jim Willis (above, left) and Danny Garland (above, right) join in the discussion. Could it have been about taking down the Christmas Tree?