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February 3rd- Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow...

posted Feb 5, 2011, 7:21 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 5, 2011, 7:52 AM ]
Yes, with the threat of winter weather on the television every five minutes, the few and brave of the Sue Line Crew (below) showed up for--- a work session.

                         The crew that braved the cold and the threat of snow.

                      Charlie DeVillbiss

                                                      Paul Harwell

                                                                                      Mose Crews

                             Ken Ellison

                                                   Danny Garland

                                                                                   Richard Kamm

Much work was done and a ton of fun was had by those attending the session. As we left at about 11:00 pm we were laughing about those who did not brave the "snow". There was none on the ground at that time, but the next morning was a different story.

Between 3 and 4 inches of snow had fallen after midnight.

Wednesday at noon, a former member and still good friend, Bob Wilson (below with his wife Linda) dropped by to send the lucnh hour and gives me an update on his life in North Carolina. It was good to see bob and he hear that his family is doing well and he soon hopes to be back in model railroading, having acquired a bonus room for his new layout. Good luck Bob.


Gill operating his famous Stoney Creek and Western (photo furnished by C. Randall Wilson).

Gill at Zube Park (photo furnished by C. Randall Wilson).


Wow!  What a year 2010 was!!

It began with a wonderful trip in January to Arizona for a live steam meet.  We enjoyed running our 1 ½” scale diesel, which we had brought from home, and visiting with many model train friends from across the country.

          From there we headed back east thru Albuquerque to Texas with a detour thru

Colorado, our favorite state to visit.  We kept a watchful eye on the weather and managed to enjoy the beautiful snow scenery safely throughout the trip.

          Then on March 6th, all of our activities to a halt when Gilbert had his totally unexpected stroke just when he was finishing recovering from an arthroscopic procedure on his knee. 

          Suddenly only one thing was important…getting him through it.

          Thanks to the quick response of the paramedics and the fast acting stroke team in St. Luke’s Hospital ER, and then in the Intensive Care Unit it was obvious that the Good Lord was listening to the MANY PRAYERS that were being said by EVERYONE WE KNEW…family, both immediate and extended, and friends across the country and abroad. 

          Having the stroke on the left side of his brain affected his right side which not only affected movement, but the language center.   This meant that another area of the brain had to be trained to take over his being able to communicate.  The staff explained that it is like programming a new computer.

          After more care and therapy at Acuity Long Term Acute Care Hospital, followed by more at Memorial Hermann TIRR (known for its rehabilitation) followed by a month at Garden Terrace for more intense therapy, we brought him home June 5th.

          He has had Amedisys Home Health nursing and therapies…Physical, Occupational and Speech here at home since. 

          He has had to rebuild his vocabulary, and relearn everything, including his name, address, birthday, my name; the kids’ names, the days, months, how to count, etc.  However, he understands everything you tell him and ask him, he just can’t get the right answer out, except for “yes” or “no” and an occasional automatic response.  These responses are improving though.  His long term memory is good.  He remembers where everything is, etc.  

          Except for a seizure October 6 which affected his endurance for a short while, I am pleased to say he has steadily progressed. Besides using his walker inside more, when weather permits he is also able to walk outside with someone following behind with his wheelchair for rest stops.  (We still use the “gate belt” while walking with him for safety as we don’t want him to fall.)

He has become quite proficient with his left hand but we encourage including his right hand in all activities.  Also, with great effort, at times he uses his right hand for eating and drinking.

He is just beginning to get some feeling back in his right arm and leg (new in Jan., 2011).

         We have enjoyed being able to again regularly attend Mass and enjoy some of the model railroad club meetings and outings at the local live steam track.

         We were blessed to be able to enjoy a Family Christmas here in our home and rang in the New Year out at our daughter; Theresa’s which she and her family host every year.

          I truly believe none of this would have been possible without the PRAYERS AND SUPPORT OF ALL OF YOU.  (Consider yourself hugged by all of our family)

Since we seldom get out, we both enjoy your cards, phone calls and visits.  We do, however, like for you to try to call before coming to visit since he will begin outpatient therapy soon and we do not have his schedule yet.

We look forward to a brighter 2011 and wish you a blessed, happy and healthy 2011 as well!