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February 6th- Jim Willis Runs South and then North....

posted Feb 7, 2014, 3:03 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 7, 2014, 3:53 PM ]
The evening was cold, but once again it was hot inside the Sue Line Corporate Offices. Let's join Jim Will has he take the throttle of Train 814, a south bound mixed freight.

Jim Willis just before climbing aboard Train 814, headed for NoLaCRA Yard.

Train 814 is busy switching cars in Pinecrest when we catch up to Jim Willis.

Train 814 is putting the train back together to leave Pinecrest.

Ahead of Train 814, we see a North Bound Mixed train
switching in North Park with the local switcher.

Train 814 crosses Ferne bridge on his way to Sherwood.

Train 814 is about to leave Sherwood.

Train 814 is on the long trussel just before Jeauxville.

Train 814 is approaching Richardson and will soon enter NoLaCRA Yard.

Here we see Train 71, the North bound tank train (above, right)
waiting along with a north bound mixed freight (above, left).

With Jim Willis had the throttle, Train 71 has entered Jeauxville.

Having run around a cut of cars, Train 71 is about
to switch John Allen Oil in Jeauxville.

Train 71 has pulled into Dutchman Flats.

With the help of a local switcher, Train 71 spots cars in Dutchman Flats.

Train 71 is approaching the signal at Stone Canyon.

With the signal at Stone Canyon clear,
Train 71
gets ready to head to North Park.

Train 71 can be seen behind Gator Oil at Pinecrest.

Train 71 pulls into Pinecrest.

Train 71 enters Great Bridge.

Train 71, passes by the  corn fields near Great Bridge.

Train 71leaves Pinecrest towards Great Bridge.

The Maryville Operator (MOp) gets cars ready for Train 71.

A second locomotive is ready in Maryville, if needed.

After switching, Train 71 is about to leave Maryville.

Train 71 passes through Crews Siding (above,low) while
the Maryville Operator (MOp) takes tank cars uphill on the E-Branch.

Here we see Train 71 passing under Black Bridge while
the Maryville Operator (MOp) passes over Black Bridge.

Having reached Robinson, Train 71 awaits permission
before switching Robinson Oil.


The wharf in Sue City looks busy.

The workers appear busy at Sue City Recycling.

The Shattuck- Harwell Intermodal Facility in Shattuck looks full.

Is it my imagination or is that the Union Pacific 844
(A/K/A Big Boy) in BUSY Yard?

Traffic appears to be bumper to bumper in Pinecrest.

A pair of SW1500 units take on the switching duties in Ginnings Yard.

A southbound Pig train is leaving out of the yard behind the Yard Master's Office.

An over view of the yards, with a northbound Pig train about to leave.

A special thanks to Jim Willis for the photos of this session.