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January 21st & 23rd-Finally, the yards are working...

posted Jan 24, 2010, 12:43 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 20, 2010, 8:58 PM ]
After a great Thursday night and a long Saturday afternoon, both I-49 East and I-49 West yards are working both under dispatcher control and local control. Thursday was a very busy night.

I must give thanks to the following people for their work:

Thanks to Danny Garland and Jason Busy for their work on Shreveport. Thanks to Doran McQueary who isolated the diesel facility at Shreveport. Thanks to Rob Robins, Jim Willis and Paul Harwell who isolated the storage tracks at I-49 East and I-49 West and have them ready for EasyDCC. Thanks to Mose Crews for completing the work on the detectors so they can be installed.

Thanks to Charles Kneipp for completing the installation of Tortoise Switch Machines in Underworld. That was just amazing.

Thanks to Charlie DeVilbiss for his work in correcting the "issues" in out trackage, especially after new gaps were cut.

Thanks to John Arnold for coming out and completing 17 RJ45 cables so we can move from Ashby to So. Morgan.

And thanks to Paul Harwell for all you work collecting the locomotives.

And thanks to Dave Colvin and Ken Ellison alomg with Rodney for all their work getting the inerface working from I-49 East and I-49 West to Ashby.

Saturday was a long, but fruitful day. Ken Ellison came out and completed the power supplies to the next five TC-64 stations. The TC-64 decoders were program and are now ready.

A special thanks to Dick Bronson, of R-R CirKits. While in North Carolina, Dick was able to help Ken Ellison and I trouble shoot a short in our system. Dick's insight was instrumental and critical and us find a small defect in the CIC which can be easily corrected with the help of Ken Ellison.

My good friend, Keith Gutierrez (Mr. EasyDCC) challenged me to do the toughest part first. WE have accepted that challenge, we have met that challenge, we have learned much from that challenge, and we will now more forward. Thanks Keith for being there.

Next well, EasyDCC will be installed in I-49 East, I-49 West and Ashby while new bus wires are installed in Union Street Yard and Plant cables will be installed in Shreveport from Ashby to Stonewall.