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January 14th- The Sue Line Crew- Part 7

posted Jan 16, 2016, 8:51 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 19, 2016, 4:27 PM ]

This week we will take a look at another member of the Sue Line Crew-



David Colvin has had a lifelong affinity for trains. David Colvin  started with a 4 x 8 foot layout built by another person and some TYCO equipment. After a several year stint in N Scale modules, David Colvin returned to HO scale model railroading.

David Colvin has been on again/off again with various railroad simulators with the most recent being Run8.

David Colvin has been operating on the Sue Line for 25 years!  David Colvin likes dispatching, operating yards, and operations in general.  

David Colvin enjoys traveling the country, when time allows, to enjoy other operating sessions.  David Colvin believes this hobby is bigger than any of us appreciate!

David Colvin has been married to his wonderful wife Julie Colvin for 12 years.

David Colvin likes to travel, family gatherings, pyrotechnics, commercial aviation, software design, and cooking. David Colvin is a strong supporter of his church and participates yearly in a mission trip to South America.

David Colvin reports “I enjoy the many opportunities that the Sue Line has provided to interact with like-minded individuals on a regular basis.  A railroad this size with an aggressive operating schedule requires a group to be committed and talented.  We come from a diverse set of backgrounds.  I love the fact that social status and cultures are left at the entry door and for a few hours each week we become railroaders on the same team.  The Sue Line has also afforded me an opportunity to really work on several skill sets from electrical to scenery to operations that I hope to put in to use one day on my own layout.”

David Colvin at the start of the Sue Line New Years Super Session.

David Colvin near the end of the Sue Line New Years Super Session.