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January 16th- And the Trains Just Keep On Running and Another Video

posted Jan 17, 2014, 8:24 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 17, 2014, 9:08 AM ]
It was a nice evening outside as the temperature had been in the 60's, but it was even nicer inside the Sue Line Railroad building.

Train 221

Here we see Train 221, the northbound paper products train on the siding in Leming.

The northbound Train 221has a signal to proceed.

Train 221 is approaching Robert's Crossing.

Train 221in Robert's Crossing.

Train 221 leaving Robert's Crossing.

Train 221 moves northward from Robert's Crossing.

Train 221 is at Crawley's Ridge.

Train 221 passes through the oil fields in Robinson.

Train 221 passes the depot in Brandon.

Train 221 has completed its run and
the power is being moved to the engine facility.

Train 77

Train 77- A northbound Pig Train, using leased power from
the Southern Pacific has just entered Jeauxville.

Train 77 is just entering Leming.

Train 77 is between Leming and Robert's Crossing.

Train 77 is now between Sue City and Robinson.

Train 77 is entering Brandon.

Another Super Video from Dillon Stokes---

To see this video click- HERE-

Miscellaneous shots of Brandon Business District

Brandon is named for my nephew Brandon Kamm.

Most cities on model railroads have businesses and industries served by the railroad and little else.
In Brandon there is a downtown district (between Howell's Whiskey and Kneipp Klipboards,
which has no rail service. I believe this areahelp to give the feeling of the railroad being
"beyond the basement". A drug store (below, yellow storefront), a Pool Hall (below, brown storefront),
a post office (below, grey storefront) and even an empty building (below, green storefront).

The main street (and one of the few streets) in Brandon is
busy with shoppers as a train passes by.

A couple appears to have just left the post office.

Looking from Cook's Scrap, it appears someone is
either leaving or arriving in Brandon.

It looks like Brandon may be in the Cafe having lunch.

It appears the bank & Trust Company is very busy.

Many thanks to Ken Ellison for the photos from this session.