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January 19th- All Play and No Work...

posted Jan 20, 2012, 7:31 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 21, 2012, 3:39 PM ]
The schedule had been set:
7:00- 8:00 Operations session.
8:00- 9:00 Car checking  
9:00- 10:00 Work session.

What happened:
7:00- 10:30 Operations session.

Jim Henry from Columbus, Ohio (above), had joined us for the evening. Jim works for AEP our local energy provider, so he was very welcome.

For this session, Mose Crews (above) had taken
over as the Alexandria Yard Master.

Danny Garland (above) once again
served as the Shreveport Yard Master.

Jim Willis (above), was running the Shreveport Public Belt Line.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above) took on the
job of the Maryville Operator (MOp).

The mainline was full of trains.

Ken Ellison (above) takes a break with his southbound
train about to enter Crews Siding.

Charles Kneipp (above) is about to take
his southbound train out from Ashby Junction.

Lionel Brangham (above) waits in Maryville
for his cars for his northbound train.

Marvin Bennett (above) is awaiting his next train assignment.

Rodney Dixon (above) checks his consist
before leaving I-49 West Yard in Blanchard.

Rob Robbins (above in file photo)  was an all purpose man-
running trains and takings photos.
Rob Robbins forgot to get a photo of himself!


All looks quiet at Robert's Crossing.

A couple of men are busy splitting wood.

Looking back at RCX Jct.from Leming.

The view southbound from the north end of Leming.
James Grain is the largest industry in Leming.

The corn near Great Bridge is getting high.

Looking east from Gutierrez Yard to Keithville.

Another view looking east from Gutierrez Yard to Keithville.

The freight dock at
Shattuck Harwell Intermodal Transfer

looks nearly empty.

Looking back into Robinson from Shattuck.

Business is slow in North Park.

The Yard Switcher in Alexandria is moving a cut of cars.

The Diesel Facility in Alexandria looks busy.

Traffic is heavy on the I-49 Bridges over the yards.

A southbound trains pulls out of Sue City.