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January 20th- Guest, Guests and Guests

posted Jan 22, 2011, 5:41 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 24, 2011, 4:44 PM ]
This was a new record for the Sue Line since the conversion- 11 guests.

A group from Jefferson, Texas, lead by Norman Buell (above,left) which included Roy Richie (above, right) of Roy's Trains in Jefferson, Texas along with

Joe Hedl (above, left) and Jim Stowe (above, right), as well as

Jack Varadi (above, left) and Ed Vest (above, right), both of which, it turns out are really from Greenville, South Carolina, as well as

John Phelps (above, left) and Jeremy Peeler (above, right) along with three of his robotics students...

J.D. Smith (above, left), his brother Will Smith (above, center) and Chase Long (above, right) all joined the Sue Line crew for a night of running trains and fun.

As usual Danny Garland (below, left) took on the operations at the northern end of the railroad by running Shreveport Yard while Jim Willis (below, right) took the south end of the railroad at Alex Yard.

Matt Tessier (below, left, visor cap), shown with Charles "Mr. Maintenance" Kneipp (below, loop visor) headed a team of operators at Maryville. Matt brought his newest locomotive (below, right) which was hand painted by a fantastic local model railroader Jim  McClure who did not make the session for the unveiling.

The "Robotics Group" from Jefferson, Texas (below) took on the Sue City Operator job.

With only 12 radio throttles and 11 guests, there was some "pairing up" of operators- guests with Sue Line crew members....

Here we see Joe Hedl (above, left) from Jefferson, Texas working with Paul Harwell (above, center) and Jim Stowe, also from Jefferson, Texas (above, right)

John Phelps (above, left, red and black jacket) is working with Ken Ellison (above, left, blue cap), along with Roy Richie (above, left, maroon sweater). The team was working under the watch full eye of Norman Buell (above, right) who mainly rail-fanned and documented the groups visit the the Sue Line.

Charlie DeVillbiss (above, left, black hat) of the Sue Line team was working with Will Smith (above, left, maroon shirt) and Ed Vest, above, left, gray shirt) while Mose Crews (above, right) was waiting for the next group of visitors to run a train.

Ed Vest (above, left, gray sweater), Jack Varadi (above, left, plaid shirt), and Will Smith (above, left, Maroon shirt) appear to be having a good time, while John Phelps (above, right, red and black jacket), Ken Ellison (above, right, blue cap), Roy Richie (above, right, maroon sweater) and Norman Buell (above, right, half in photo) appear to be hard at work.

With so many guests present, Lionel Brangham (above, left), a new friend who had only been present was called into service as the Assistant Dispatcher for the evening. But by the end of the evening, even Lionel appeared to be having fun.