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January 23rd- Cold weather and Train 70- The Tank Train

posted Jan 25, 2014, 10:37 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 12:39 PM ]
It was cold, but not as cold as "up north". There were snow flurries in the air as the Sue Line Crew gathered for their regular Thursday night session. Tonight we will follow Rob Robbins and Train 70 the tank train.

Here we see Train 70 just about to leave Sue City and head South.

Train 70 has passed under the old highway bridge (above, left) and
the new highway bridge (above, right) as it passes through Robert's Crossing.

Train 70 passes through the woodlands just north of Leming.

Train 70 is on the mainline at Leming.

Leming Gas (above, left) is the destination for the tank car (above, right).

Train 70 remains on the mainline while a southbound Amtrak passes on the siding.

Train 70 continues to hold the mainline as Train 20,
the southbound auto train passes (above, left)
finally, Train 70 is ready to leave Leming.

Train 70 passes under Black Bridge.

Train 70 moves through Crews Siding.

At Maryville, Train 70 meets a northbound mixed freight.

Train 70 on Great Bridge.

Train 70 about to enter Pinecrest.

Train 70 passes through North Park.

Train 70 crosses Ferne Bridge.

Train 70 at Sherwood.

Train 70 at Doran Oil and Gas (the DOG) in Sherwood.

Train 70 takes the siding and meets a northbound train in Jeauxville.

Train 70 in Jeauxville (above, left) is working cars
at Allen Oil Company (above, right).

Train 70 leaving Jeauxville.

Train 70 at Richardson.

After Train 70, there is a northbound
Amtrak Train at Crew Change.


The day appears quiet at the freight station in Leming.

Another shot of Leming.

The lead unit (Texas, Colorado and Western-
on loan from Mark Eskew in Dallas)
crosses a small tressel.

It looks like the area behind
the long tressel is changing.

The paddle wheeler in Jeauxville appears to be loaded.

Louisiana has swamps and forrest lands.

The old station at R-V Junction.

The Diesel Ready Tracks at Ginnings.

The diesel shops and Fuel Tracks at Ginnings.

The paddle wheeler apron at Jeauxville.

An who can resist?
A shot of a boxcar from the
M&ET (Marshall & East Texas),
Rob Robbins home road.

Thanks so very much to Rob Robbins
for this photos of this session.