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January 27th- More Guests Drop In

posted Jan 29, 2011, 7:03 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 29, 2011, 7:43 PM ]
This week, one of our newest regulars, Lionel Brangham (below, right, blue shirt) brought his wife Lina (below, left) and a friend from Monroe Gregg Bartlett (below, right, gray jacket).

Also returning from  Jefferson, Texas was Jeremy Peeler (below).

Once again, the Sue Line Crew was anchored on the north end of the railroad at Shreveport by Danny Garland (Below, left) and on the south end of the railroad at Alex Yard by Jim Willis (below, right).

Charlie DeVillbiss (below, left) took on the chores of the Sue City Operator while
Jeremy Peeler (below, right, clipboard) took over the Maryville Operator (MOp) with some guidance from Paul Harwell (below, right, black cap).

Mainline duties were handled by Mose Crews (below, left) and Rob Robbins (below, right).

While the Extra Board was handled by Gregg Bartlett (below, left) with the assistance of Ken Ellison (below, right) who ran a ATSF locomotive (below, center).

Also on the Extra Board was Lionel Brangham (below, left) who ran a pair of Pennsylvania locomotives (below, right).

Rounding out the Extra Board was Rodney Dixon (below) shown here on Train 600.

The last, but not least member of the crew was Matt Tessier (below) who was assistant dispatcher and handled the RailOps chores for the evening.

Lionel Branchan (above, left) look happy in Brandon.

                                    Mose Crews (above) look busy in Robinson.

                                                                        Jim Willis (above) look intent at Alex Yard.