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January 29th- Another Good Night

posted Feb 2, 2015, 4:03 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 8:49 AM ]
Tonight let's ride along with Marvin Bennett, Jr. (below). On two trains...


Here we see Marvin Bennett, Jr. getting his train (Train 8) from BUSY Yard in the Shreveport Terminal Complex.

Train 8 pulls out of USY Yard (above, left) and then Morgan (above, right).

Train 8 crosses the highway between Morgan and Brandon.

Train 8 passes the depot in Brandon.

Train 8 enters Robinson (above, left) and leaves Robinson (above, right).

Train 8 enters (above, left), moves through (above center) and then leaves (above, right) Sue City.

Train 8 just north of RCX (above, left) and just south of RCX (above, right).

Train 8 leaving Lemming.

Train 8 (above, left) and Train 812 (above, right) are both approaching Maryville.

Train 8 on the mainline in Maryville.

Train 8 on the Great Bridge.

Train 8 just leaving Mary Anne Bridge.

Train 8 entering just north of North Park (above, left),
in North Park (above center),
and leaving just south of North Park (above, right).

Train 8 on Ferne Bridge over Stone Canyon.

Train 8 passing through the Chemical Complex (Duran Oil and Gas--The Dog)in Sherwood.

Train 8 in the swamp.

Train 8 entering (above left) and leaving (above right) Jeauxville.

Train 8 in Richardson.

Train 8 arriving at NoLaCRA Yard.


Here we see the locomotives for Train 51 moving in Alexandria Yard.

Train 51 has just arrived in Richardson.

Train 51 entering Jeauxville (above, right) and leaving Jeauxville (above left).

Train 51 is seen crossing the island between Jeauxville and Sherwood.

Here we see Train 51 in the swamp.

Train 51 is seen behind Dutchman Falls.

Train 51 is seen crossing Ferne Bridge at Stone Canyon.

Train 51 at North Park where the yard is empty.

Train 51 between North Park and Pinecrest.

Train 51 about to cross Mary Anne Bridge just north of Pinecrest.

Train 51 at Ft. Barrow behind the Lake Hamilton Paper Company.

Train 51 entering Maryville.

Train 51 passes a northbound freight at Leming.

Train 51 at RCX.

Behind Train 51 at RCX is the infamous SLUT Car.

Train 51 about to enter Sue City.

A Special Thanks to MARVIN BENNETT, JR.
for the photos from this session.