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January 2nd- A Good Start to a New Year

posted Jan 3, 2014, 12:12 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 7, 2014, 4:05 PM ]
Several of the regulars were busy with post-holiday chores, but those that made it had a GREAT time.

Rob Robbins is the engineer as Train 86 is spotted entering Pinecrest (above).

Train 86 has pulled through Pinecrest and is headed for North Park.

Train 86 is on the mainline in North Park.
The container yard looks very busy and
a cut of cars can be seen behind Train 86.

Sue Line 3909 (above) is the North Park Switcher.

After trading cars with the North Park Switcher,
Train 86 (above) is crossing Ferne Bridge on the way to Sherwood.

Things look pretty busy in Sherwood (above, right),
as Train 86 (above, left)approaches.

Train 86 (above) works its way thru the Oil and Gas region in Sherwood.

Train 86 (above) is now seen in Jeauxville.

KCS Extra 4013 South (above) pulls through Jeauxville
while Train 86 holds the mainline.

A FRED (Flashing Rear End Device) is seen on the end of
KCS Extra 4013 South (above) as it passes through Jeauxville.

Train 86 (above) is about to finish its work in Jeauxville.


                 Small details help a lot.
Some times it takes a large structure.              

                        Sometimes an area is full of tracks.
Sometimes there are no tracks.                       

Sometimes things are crowded.

Sometimes things are "well-used".

Sometimes things are well kept.

Sometimes there is work going on everywhere.

Sometimes there is no work going on.

                   Sometimes there are traiins everywhere.
Sometimes there are no trains. 

                                         Sometimes there are man made
                                         things everywhere.
Sometimes it is a simple flower.                       

There are tunnels.

                 There are briudges.

There are surface mines.

There are roads, streets and highways.

There are places for study or meditation.

There are places for mischief.

There are cluttered places.

There are empty places.

There are places with water.

There are public places.

There are private places.

The "tree" is the only scenery that a great friend,
a wonderful modeler, and a fantastic human being had
on his railroad and is a monument to him.
This time of the year I always miss him.
The Dutchman, Mr. Malcolm Vordenbaum.

Our prayers also go out to Ms. Dana Robbins, wife
of this weeks photographer, Rob Robbins as
she is recovering from surgery.

LOOK OUT 2014,