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January 5th- A New Year Begins....

posted Jan 7, 2012, 4:53 PM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 7, 2012, 6:44 PM ]
The old year is gone, but hopefully, the lessons learned are not forgotten. It was back to work as usual for the Sue Line Crew.

Troy Rogers (above), a former regular on the Sue Line and now of Winnfield, Louiiana, and working for Sperry Rail Service was back for a visit. Troy Rogers, made up ID Cards for members when he was a regular (See below)

Also visiting with Troy Rogers were Donald Boyette, from Winnfield, Louisiana (below, left) and Nick Marajovitz (below, right), from Scott Depot Depot.

Also back for his last session before returning to college is Matt Tessier (below)
who served well as the Maryville Operator (MOp)..

The Sue City Operator position was filled by Mose Crews (below).

The Shreveport Yard Master was once again, Danny Garland (below).

And the Alexandria Yard Master was Jim Willis (below).

The mainline was busy with Marvin Bennett (below) apparently fresh from the Barber Shop (below).
Marvin Bennett is at Ashby Junction awaiting his southbound local.

Also on the mainline was Rodney Dixon (below) who is awaiting his train assignment.

Also on the mainline was Charlie DeVilbiss (below).
Charlie DeVillbiss is working a train  in Dutchman Falls.

Also making train move on the mainline was Charles Kneipp (below).
Charles is awaiting his train in Shreveport Yard.

Paul Harwell (below) was another engineer on the Mainline.
Paul Harwell is in Union Street Yard awaiting his south bound local.

Ken Ellison (below) arrived straight from his Caddo Parish Sherriff's meeting.
Ken Ellison is about to start switching his train in Jeauxville.

The most proud operator this session has to be Lionel Brangham (below).
Lionel Brangham has his complete Pennsy Passenger train passing over the Sue Line Rails.

Overseeing he whole railroad was David Colvin (below)
who as the Dispatcher kept train running smoothly all evening.


Brandon looking north.

Shattuck at the Shattuck Harwell Intermodal Transfer Yard.

Sue City looking north.

Pinecrest looking north.

DeVillbiss Rail Service shops between Pinecrest and North Park.


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