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January 9th- Another Good Night for Running Trains

posted Jan 10, 2014, 7:15 AM by Sue Line RailRoad   [ updated Jan 10, 2014, 8:31 AM ]
Earlier this week the low temperature was 15 degrees- So much for the balmy south! It may have been cold outside, but it was warm inside.

Train 435, A Northbound Train with Engineer Rob Robbins

Let's join Rob Robbins again as he takes Train 435, a
northbound train. Here we see the train at Ft. Barrow.

Train 435 is seen leaving Maryville.

Train 435 is approaching Robert's Crossing.

Workmen appear busy as Train 435
passes through Robert's Crossing.

The farm appears busy as Train 435
passes through Robert's Crossing.

Here we see Train 435 in Sue City.

As Train 435 appears,
the local switcher swings into action.

Train 435 is spotted in Brandon.

Train 435 passes by Cook Scrap Metal in Brandon.
This area was built by the late Lew Cook.
Lew originally took measurements and built it at home,
but when he brought it out it was upside down.
Lew had to take it back and built it all over
on the other side of the base.

Shots Along the Way.

Roof detail on the Farmer's Co-Op in Sue City.

The pulp yard at Lake Hamilton.

Cars on a spur track in Maryville.


The station at Eagleton.

The E-branch as it runs through trees
along the right-of-way.

The mainline at the south end of Leming.

The Willis Lumber Spur in Leming.

Robert's Crossing, where the
Sue Line meets the Big Sky and Pacific.

Loose cattle at Robert's Crossing.

O. L. Slick in Sue City.

THe Other Side of the Tracks in Leming.

Brandon Co-Op in Brandon.

Downtown Brandon as seem from Cook Scrap Metal.

A word to the wise from
Cook Scrap Metal in Brandon.

Busy Yard in Shreveport.

The rock face near Leming.

B & E Fruit in Shreveport before the workers arrive.

Sardenga Fish Company in Sue City.

Demolition site in Shreveport.

The old Missouri Southern Depot in Maryville.

Bob's Produce and Farmers Market in Eagleton.
This building is named for my brother Robert as is
Robert's Crossing.

As last week, a great BIG THANK YOU to Rob Robbins for the photos from this session.